Australia to see new Torchwood before UK

It’s a rarity but next month Australia will see the new season of Torchwood before fans in the UK.

The series will premiere on Starz in the US on July 8th and in Australia on UKTV less than 24 hours later (July 9th is actually the same day given the dateline adjustment).

But fans in the UK aren’t happy after learning they will have to wait until July 14.

“#Torchwood airs in UK Thurs 14 July 9pm bb1. UK gets it 6 days after the US?!! ppfftt!! grrrr now i kinda hope the yanks have ruined it,” on fan tweeted.

“Wait, the new #Torchwood airs in the UK a full week later than most of the rest of the world? Brilliant,” another wrote.

U.K. paper The Guardian questioned why U.K. fans were forced to wait six days: “This new series has had a lot of money spent on it — you can virtually smell it …. But the lion’s share of that money comes from Starz, so not surprisingly, they have the rights to broadcast it first. But six days? Why do British fans have to wait so long?”

The answer, apparently, is due to finding an available slot in the UK schedules where it launches without undue competition. But it will be interesting to see how this affects their ratings.

There will also be some subtle differences between the UK and US editions, with Australia getting the US version.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


  1. @Jack! – none of the FTA channels were interested in fast tracking the show, it’s better than nothing for those who have PayTV.

    @Bill – yeah a bit weird, amazing it didn’t turn up on Movie Extra or something, I do wonder what version will turn up on FTA in about 6 months, most likely on ABC.

    I’m sure both versions will be available else where next week. Does iTunes have any rights?

  2. @Andy – I very much doubt the BBC will be cutting Bill Pullman’s role out of the show since he’s a major character for this series.

    @A. – as a guide the last series ‘Children of Earth’ was on UKTV in July 2009 and aired on the ABC about 6 months later in Jan 2010.

  3. I couldn’ care less about sex scenes or not, but I really hope that the BBC will cut out the pedophile the viewers will like (their words not mine). Because a plot like that is totally new level of sick. So no, not planning on watch this season, no way I’ll support them stomping around on the victims of child abuse and rape.

  4. ‘uncut’ Starz version isn’t correct since both have scenes cut out of them. Plus, I haven’t seen any comment direct from the BBC or anyone connected with the project that says it’s being cut for decency. It’s more likely, IMHO, that it’s being cut for product placement. You’d be surprised what they show on BBC one these days so if it is being cut for decency it must be pretty bad – and not in a good way. The BBC will quite happily show a tastefully done, raunchy sex scene, hetro or same sex, but they won’t show it if it’s tacky and a bit nasty.

  5. Cathy Norman

    Maybe the BBC don’t accept that a Child murdering pedophile, Oswald Danes, before they make the final commitment to a show that once was all theirs.
    My other reservation about the new Torchwood.. was when Russell T Davies said that this plot was ”delicious”, that incensed and offended me beyond belief.

  6. The US version is actually shorter than the UK version, but some of the more adult scenes of the US versions are cut from the UK one (because it is on BBC1, not a cable channel) I’m sure there’ll be many lists on the internet of the differences though!

  7. “There will also be some subtle differences between the UK and US editions, with Australia getting the US version.”

    I really want to know what the differences are, guess we’ll have to wait for the UK version to turn up on ABC in 6 months time?

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