Collectors: July 1

Coming up: paperweights, toy soldiers, op-shopping and all things Bette Midler.

Curious curios can check out the next two episodes of ABC1’s Collectors.

July 1:
Quirky entertainer Justin Heazlewood is an experienced op-shopper. He takes us to a Salvation Army warehouse and shows how the Salvos have become sales savvy to stay cool with a new generation.

John O’Brien from WA has about 2000 toy soldiers, some of which he has hand painted himself.

John Millroy from Yeppoon, QLD, has a collection of Condamine bells , made from old cross-cut and pit saws. Also known as Bullfrogbells, the bells were a farmer’s way of locating his animals when they roamed free.

Adrian travels to the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery to catch the work of Merric Boyd and his son Arthur.

July 8:
Bruce McLeod has a passion for paperweights and has been collecting them for 50 years.

Jo-Anna Robinson from SA is one of the Divine Miss M’s biggest fans. Apart from her vast collectionof Bette Midler memorabilia, she has met her idol a number of times.

Matthew Younger’s collection of Art Toys has grown to 1000 pieces.

Curatorial consultant for the Newcastle Region Art Gallery, Lisa Slade, shows the special features of the Riley cabinet, an extraordinary piece of colonial furniture made in the 1900s.

Designer Susan Cohn shows Adrian and Claudia the discreet compartment for condoms she designed for Alessi.

It airs 8pm Fridays on ABC1.

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