Courtney to play Carlotta?

Shane Jenek, aka Courtney Act, is being floated as a possible contender to play Carlotta, the famed King’s Cross showgirl in an upcoming mini-series.

The Carlotta project is in development with FremantleMedia Australia.

Jenek first hit Australian screens as Courtney Act in the debut season of Australian Idol, when Dicko dubbed her a sexy star and signed her to BMG Australia.

Courtney has continued to perform ever since, next month moving to the US.

The Daily Telegraph says Carlotta has given her blessing to Jenek ‘of sorts’, but has previously expressed hopes for Jessica Marais to play the part. Carlotta is acting as a Consultant on the project.

FremantleMedia Australia, which also produced The King biopic, are yet to begin casting.


  1. Met Shane a few times, admittedly while relatively inebriated, extraordinary performer and really nice guy. Anyones guess if he has acting talent too. Would be fascinating casting.

  2. courtney has been on The Morning Show a few times, shes hilarious, if she doesn’t get this job there should be a job lined up as a tv personality.

  3. daveinprogress

    Maybe a bona fide actor would be better – despite the obvious similarities with Shane aka Courtney. I guess it depends on the tone and style of the narrative, as to whether a thesp playing the role will work better. If Priscilla like Hugo Weaving could reprise his role as an older Carlotta. I do like the idea of a biopic on this iconic character – it could make for one ripper of a mini series/telefeature. Sacha Horler? Jessica Marais may have the acting chops, but too pretty. Needs an actor with real fire in her/his belly!

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