Craig Ferguson off to Paris

The Late Late Show crew will pack their bags for France next week.

Craig Ferguson has announced a week of shows to be filmed in Paris.

The Late Late Show crew will pack their bags for France next week to tape a week’s worth of shows, but they won’t be airing until August.

Hitting the road a la Chelsea, Lately is becoming a popular trend lately.

Conan O’Brien will travel to New York and Chicago in the next 2 years — but Ferguson’s move marks the first time a late night show has filmed an entire week in France.

The show airs in Australia on ELEVEN.

Source: TV Guide

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  1. This show is always hilarious. It’s interesting.

    It is interesting how it just goes by much quicker and funnier with less than Conan or Letterman. Both who I really liked, but only check out occasionally these days or for specific guests. I also like Fallon, but really Craig is always constantly funny and entertaining.

    Who’s at the door?

  2. I was actually disappointed, because I thought he was about to announce he was coming to Australia, a la Oprah (except better). Let’s make that happen, although Geoff doesn’t have a place here…

  3. Ten/ Eleven need to do more to promote the show. It is the best tonight show on Oz TV and on at a decent time.
    I agree with some of the other posters I sometimes laugh out loud at his antics and Geoff’s new persona is great.
    Here is the YouTube link to Jacques Essebag on the show

  4. @Adam – I agree. It’s hilarious when Josh Thompson (Geoff’s voice) is in the studio instead of just having some stagehand operate him remotely. Had me laughing out loud a couple of times, too. I stopped watching Letterman a while ago but I make a point of staying up for Ferguson.

  5. I Love Craig Ferguson and Jeff – my daughter is devastated as she will be in the US next week and hoped to go to a taping but he is on hiatus in the States. One of the best shows on telly and probably the only one I won’t miss no matter what. Look forward to watching these shows

  6. Wouldn’t this be because ratings is over in America… so the show is taking a break!!! Bahahahaha Geoff and all those places he’s got… he’s actually got funnier since a guy permanently voices him and not stock answers… he actually had Craig in tears!! His late really is the best one at their on TV! What ratings is he getting these day? Have they improved? Cause now you can watch his eps online on 11!

  7. Anyone no how to get tickets to his Paris shows? I will be there when he’s there and would love to see him live. I’ve looked on the show’s official website but no mention of how to get tickets for these particular shows…

  8. @Craig Leno goes back of Comedy Channel as the Tonight Show airs on that,

    @Secret Squïrrel and Matt J Two weeks of repeats. Craig doesn’t start filming (in the US) until the 27th of June.

  9. That will be interesting, as there is a guy in Paris on TV called Jacques Essebag who does a show called Tonight With Arthur which is a copy of Ferguson’s Show (much like Steve Vizard’s was a David Letterman copy).

    I have linked a story about it as my Website bit (it’s from the New York Times).

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