Jamie’s Bunch on Top Design

Jamie Durie’s new show Top Design is due soon on Nine (told you it was a year for renovation) and Nine has now issued a somewhat surprising promo, by licensing the theme song to The Brady Bunch. Yup.

I trust it’s a wacky series,  and that Durie was on board with this concept… because to me it doesn’t really fit with the description of the show’s pitch for contemporary designers to create visual masterpieces.

For comparison, here’s the opening sequence of the US series of Top Design on Bravo:


No airdate for this one yet.


  1. This advertisement plumbs new depths in commercial TV quality. Lazy, annoying and so incredibly annoying that even my five year old changes channel when it comes on. I would not even watch the show out of morbid curiosity or to see whether it managed to achieve an even more wretched standard than its advertisement. I will not watch this show Because of the ad. Hats off to channel 9 for consistently winning the race to the bottom of the mildew pond. If it achieves even moderate ratings I will weep not only for the future of Australian TV but for the country itself as it would clearly be populated by morons.

  2. This is just insulting..

    @ohyeah…..Smart and different you say?? It is just a rip off of the brady bunch….That is so smart…..


    And if it's not original it's not different. I mean who actually likes this ad?? It's just insulting to peoples intelligence, so insulting that I actually googled "Stupid top design ad rips off brady bunch" In hopes that I wasn't alone in my outrage at this crap. I'm so glad I'm not alone. Who wrote this ad? Are they proud of it? Did they sit back after it was finished and think "this is my masterpiece"?

    What a joke.

    p.s. I hate the Brady Bunch, they may've been cute in the 80's or whatever but this is 2011 and people aren't baked off their asses enough to enjoy that crap anymore. Hand me a joint and maybe this ad won't be utter bullshit…

  3. Pretty sure the Brady Bunch promo was made after the one you have listed. You can see identical footage, showing how ‘creative’ Nine have been to give it a knockabout feel. Did they get the Funniest Home Video team to add the FX?

  4. I just saw another promo on the Nine website.


    Much better and I will actually watch it now. Hope they decide to run this as an ad on Nine.

  5. Blecch. Aweful, aweful cheese fest. Luurved the US version of this show, was So looking forward to a sleek design-focussed Aussie Top Design, but that promo made it look cheap and cheesy and unwatchable. I auditioned for this show… maybe I dodged a bullet by not getting in? eeep. Feeling a little sorry for the talented contestants who suspended their lives if this is how it’s going to go.
    I’m still going to watch it between my fingers in desperate hope of improvement.

    What a put-off. Bad ad, still hoping for an awesome show.

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