Oprah: Debbie Reynolds, Celine Dion, Diana Ross.

Her show may be over but there are still new episodes of Oprah airing on TEN:

Tuesday June 14: Living Legend Debbie Reynolds & Her Daughter, Icon Carrie Fisher
Wednesday June 15: Celine Dion & The TV Debut Of Her Miracle Twins
Thursday June 16: Exclusive: David Arquette: His First Interview Since The Break-Up, The Breakdown & Life After Rehab.
Friday June 17: Supreme Icon Diana Ross, Her Five Children & A Show-Stopping Performance

It airs 1pm weekdays on TEN.


  1. I asked TEN this question months ago and was told if they wanted to air episodes next day direct off the satellite (like Nine does with Ellen & The View), then would have to pay more money.
    So they don’t.
    Cheap and nasty lol

  2. I thought we already had new eps? Well new for us. The ladies from The View visit Oprah tomorrow. That’s the ep I’ve been really looking forward to seeing!

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