Qi bumped as ABC repeats Angry Boys

Sorry Stephen Fry, ABC1 would rather play more Chris Lilley.

ABC must be unhappy with the ratings for Angry Boys given it has decided to hold over episodes of Qi to repeat last week’s episode.

Qi (Episode 7) originally scheduled to screen at 9:25pm on Tuesday June 21 has been bumped to 10:20 on ABC2. A repeat episode of Angry Boys (which was originally on ABC2) will now screen in its place.

Last week’s episode pulled just 569,000 viewers, well down on its premiere of 1.36m.

The show went up against the second State of Origin match, although media reports and online comment would suggest the drop is not solely attributed to the lure of the big game.

ABC will also schedule another repeat a week after the State of Origin decider.

Qi (Episode 10) originally scheduled to screen at 9:25pm on Tuesday July 12 has also been bumped to 10:20pm on ABC2. Another repeat of Angry Boys (episode 9) will screen in its place.

But what about Lawrence Leung? He also went up against the State of Origin, pulled a lower figure of 457,000 and unlikely Chris Lilley.

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  1. A terrible decision. However unbelievable is already repeated on abc2 on Thursday. They should have done this with angry boys all along. Interestingly unbelievable outrated angry boys in Sydney and with the exception of the origin states did the same kind of numbers as hungry beasts last ep. They should have put it on during angry boys first six weeks. It’s a pretty interesting show.

  2. 41 Angry Boys Rpt ABC1 245,000 66,000 63,000 71,000 15,000 29,000

    The change resulted in a viewer drop of 440,000 from that timeslot when compared to the previous week.

    Briiliant move ABC…….Not!

    Leave Qi on ABC1 where it belongs and don’t swap it for a repeat of Angry Boys EVER again!

  3. I don’t get ABC2. QI is one of the only shows I watch on TV atm. Lilley is as enjoyable as self-inflicted testicular trauma. I had no idea about this last minute and utterly unfathomable rescheduling. What a load of crap.

  4. Well I’ve switched channels. Disappointed with the tricks of Aunty…..Christina thinks he’s Australia’s answer to the united states of tara – de bum de ay.

  5. I don’t want to watch Angry Boys! We have waited till 9.25 to watch QI only to find Angry Boys in its place – not happy! Angry! Chris Lilley needs to get in touch with some real teenage humour. Teenagers actually enjoy word play and light – hearted absurdities and real, intelligent wit, like……QI.

  6. Been a QI lover since its inception, saw an episode being made in London. The humour is unrehearsed, brilliant and funny.
    I think Lilley is about as funny as napalm.

  7. @ A.,

    This all comes back to your assumption that everyone likes the same things you do, yet you seem to have the most boring, obscure and bizzare viewing patterns of anyone I’ve ever met. They moved Qi Because it’s boring and doesn’t rate to try and hype and return ratings to a quality program that has the ability to rate well and ABC put good money into it.

  8. @ Moanique in Brisbane :

    While you’re entitled to think Chris Lilley is funny (I do not and it appears many other people do not), why replace QI with it? Why not leave it on ABC2 where it was? I’m sure you have digital TV and could therefore have watched it anyway.
    And it’s a bit rich to say if you don’t find Chris Lilley funny you have no sense of humour…

  9. I just looked up today and it seems they want people to either miss Lateline or watch the repeat. Because QI clashes with Lateline. I guess I better hope I’m not tired tomorrow. I don’t get why they couldn’t of put Angry Boys on ABC2 as then it’d be less troublesome. I do get they are playing favourites. Not happy.

  10. Back from my own hiatus to find this horrible new development.
    I’m furious at Aunty, QI is my favourite show!
    Anybody shallow enough to find Lilley’s pitiful antics funny will not be watching QI and vice versa. Surely the ABC can’t possibly hope to convert a more discriminating demographic to newfound appreciation of such high art as a man dressed as a woman or prancing about in blackface with an offset ballcap.
    It should be replayed, if at all, on ABC3, to a more juvenile and appreciative audience still smiling from an episode of Spongebob Squarepants.

  11. @ Geoff: On at a different (later) time on a different channel. How exactly can you justify this?

    If this was a commercial network it would be pretty poor…let alone the ABC!

  12. @ Geoff

    I know they are putting on a stupid other time on a channel it’s not usually on. I can’t speak for others. Except I think a lot of people will miss an episode that they only had to keep it at the same bat time and same bat channel. So they are messing up QI over some other show that I know I have no interest in. If I did I’d watch it on the regular time. I guess they think decency and reliability are too much to expect these days. Which is the wrong message to send.

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