SBS gives Swift and Shift Couriers the thumbs up

After SBS boss Shaun Brown leaves, SBS slates the controversial second season of Swift and Shift Couriers.

The controversial second season of Swift and Shift Couriers will finally come off the shelf at SBS, to hit screens in August.

The knockabout comedy was originally promised for 2009 and delayed in 2010 after its storylines set in an Indian courier company conflicted with headlines involving attacks on Indian students in Australia.

The timing of the incidents became a bad fit for SBS management and the completed show was put to one side. SBS was mindful that Fenech’s first season had attracted some controversy over a storyline involving an Australian soldier in Iraq.

But the wait was so long filmmaker Paul Fenech even completed a new comedy series, Housos. Fortunately the headlines have also subsided.

However TV Tonight notes that the programming of the series follows almost immediately after the exit of SBS Managing Director Shaun Brown. His replacement, Michael Ebeid, began last week.

Swift and Shift Couriers S2 will begin on Monday August 1st.

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  1. Crude, vulgar, outrageous, sexist, politically incorrect – yes! And isn’t it great humour that takes the mickey out of pomposity and stereotypical attitudes is once again making itself felt in Australian society. Good on you Pauly. Sometimes the show reaches heights of sheer brilliance. I haven’t laughed so much since Roy Rene! Anyone remember him? Not likely. I’m one of those mothers from a past generation not usually associated with watching shows of this kind.

  2. Woo Hoo. I just told everyone in teh office and they’re gagging for it to start.
    @ Jee Jimminy Willacres, Swift & Shift is not crap. It’s very similar to Pizza. Give it a go and you should love it.

  3. It’s absolutely pathetic that SBS delayed the screening of this series for so long. It’s also pathetic that they didn’t even show one of the episodes from the first series. The controversy would have only been minimal, and certainly no worse than the mild controversy the ABC attracted with Summer Heights High and Angry Boys. SBS really lacked a lot of judgment on this issue.

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