Southern Star boss: “I fired Peter Everett.”

Southern Star Productions have responded to yesterday’s interview with former host of Ready Steady Cook, Peter Everett.

Chief Executive Officer Rory Callaghan said,  “I took the decision to move on in consultation with the network. I think we’d reached a point where we all needed to move on.”

Yesterday Everett told TV Tonight he was disappointed he was no longer fronting the show, and was told in a phone call just before he was heading overseas.

Ready Steady Cook is now hosted by Colin Lane, the show’s third host since 2005 but many viewers have expressed their support for Everett saying his personality defined the show.


  1. I have not watched RSC since Peter was sacked (I have just found out by whom & why) what a lame excuse to sack a person he should have sued channel 10,. He was such a good presenter (100% on Colin Lane – no personality what so ever) & made the show it has now lost so many supports because of that stupid sacking – I certainly will never (& all my friend) watch RSC again until you bring Peter back

  2. Peter Everett was fired over the phone? He was told not to bother coming back from Bali? What sort of management style is this? A very poor one. Reading this article further alienates me from the current version of RSC with Colin Lane. This production company and this CEO don’t have my respect in any way!

  3. As someone else said. Why fix something that isn’t “Broken” ! Sorry Colin, You just aint got it.
    Shame. I use to enjoy watching the show

  4. Channel 10 need all the ratings it can get and having Lame Lane taking over from funny, witty and popular Peter is a Big mistake. I won’t be watching this show now!

  5. Cliff of Wynnum

    Decisions made at 10 don’t seam to have any rhyme or reason. I appears that they change for the sake of changing. They don’t have the talent (administrative) to select personalities to suit shows. No wonder they never move from the bottom in the ratings.

    We appear to have square pegs in round holes. The half of Lano & Woodley the show got was the straight man of the duo, any straighter he would fall through the floor boards. He strains to crack a joke.
    Please producers “think before you leap”.

  6. You fired Peter Everett? Well at least now we know who to blame for the downfall of this show. I hope you rue the day you made that decision because you have certainly lost me as a viewer! Idiot! I look forward to another channel picking up Pete’s contract and starting another cooking show in the exact same time-slot.

  7. Callaghan phoned Peter and told him? What a big mistake you have made. Have you watched the show since? It’s so boring. It’s now just another boring daytime show. Peter livened things up and I always tuned in when I was on holidays to watch him have fun with the contestants and chefs. Now I don’t really care if I watch it or not. Colin is a great comedian but he looks awkward hosting Ready Steady Cook . Come on Channel 10, bring Pete back. As the old saying goes…”if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”!

  8. I have been I’ll so haven’t watched ready steady cook recently now I can watch pete’s gone and it’s not worth watching now what’s wrong with you why didn’t you leave well alone idiot

  9. “It was a hard production with him”

    I can say that, after sitting in the RSC Audience many a time, Pete was always charming, laughing and happy with the cast and crew of the show, and I never saw anything at all that looked or sounded like anyone was having difficulties producing a great show.

    Convenient excuse, methinks.

    When Pete reappears on the screen again, so will this viewers interest, but not before.

  10. “It was a hard production with him so it was time to move on.”
    Well I hope its an easier production now for Rory without Peter. Hopefully Network Ten can find something more entertaining to put on instead of Ready Steady Cook. Its so dull and boring even Channel 9’s Days of Our Lives is more entertaining then Ready Steady Cook these days without Peter Everett.

  11. Attempted to watch ‘Ready Steady Cook’ again today, and found it disjointed and boring; many others agree with me. Used to watch the show regularly when at home. Pete made it flow smoothly, and had the charisma to connect with television audiences.
    For those who say his style was derogatory – well, poitical correctness carried too far, I say.
    Bring Pete back!!! Sack Rory Callaghan!!

  12. why is everyone moping about peter everett being sacked? i absolutely hated how he hosted the show, his style was completely derogatory, annoying and inappropiate. i was happy to see him leave, i now watch RSC even more now

  13. My husband, who never watches daytime TV was on holidays and had channel 10 on when Ready Steady Cook came on and his comment to me was, “that guy’s a bit lame, (meaning Colin Lane).” I laughed and said, ÿou’re right, it has never been the same since Peter Everett left, so I don’t bother any more”!

  14. Don,t know anything about the politics involved in the matter but the show is
    nowhere as good with Peter gone.
    He appeared to have a great rapport with guest Chefs and Audience and only
    time will tell whether the Executive,s call was correct – I think not!!
    Maybe if the show continues to lose viewers the Exec. should be axed!!

  15. Cameron Ellacott

    So Rory Callaghan is the stupid executive who made the big mistake. Get rid of him and bring Peter back!!
    I won’t be watching with Colin on there that is for sure!

  16. weres the loyalty i love peter we should get signaturesand say how about what the viewers like the show will be gone soon as no one likes it now bring Pete back hope you get the bullett for making a crap decision see how good you feel

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