The Block builds to 1.44m

More good news for Nine with The Block increasing on its premiere episode that aired last week.

Last night the one hour episode pulled 1.44m viewers, up 102,000 on last week and its best audience so far. In its new home city it impressed with 556,000 viewers, far outstripping Sydney’s 371,000. It bettered Home and Away‘s first episode in Hawaii (1.01m), ABC News (909,000) and  The 7PM Project (784,000).

MasterChef Australia was the top show for the night on 1.57m viewers, over The Big Bang Theory (997,000), 7:30 / Australian Story (770,000 / 912,000), No Ordinary Family (636,000) and Mythbusters (252,000). Nine is also claiming a win in Total People for the head to head portions of The Block v MasterChef.

Despite a sluggish lead-in The Amazing Race Australia (1.07m) still won its 8:30 timeslot, racing ahead of Offspring (938,000), Rescue Special Ops (839,000), Four Corners / Media Watch (687,000 / 589,000) and Man vs Wild (210,000).

By 9:30pm CSI: Miami took first place on 675,000 over Q&A (605,000), Air Crash Investigations (441,000), and House (436,000), will the latter ever return to TEN on those numbers?

On digital channels Neighbours (431,000) and Wimbledon 2011 (404,000) did well.

Despite Nine winning the night in Primary channel shares, it was Seven that won in overall network share.

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  1. I think tyler and Nathan shouldn’t get elimated because of the passport thing because it got stolen not missplaced like zev and Justen( tar 15) or Toni and Dalis(tar 13)

  2. @jezza the inprogramme placement is all part of sponsorship and advertising. It’s tough out there and companies need to find more ways to connect with their customers. As certain businesses have with The Block. I wonder if you have commented on the product placement in Masterchef as well?

  3. I loved the block last year and am disappointed that they have incorporated: 1. Shelly Craft (can she say a sentence Without laughing???) 2. Silly challenges. Can’t they just stick to renovating???

  4. @ Rob, I watched Australian Story last night too, as I do every week. I agree it was a fantastic story, very sad, but there is some hope there for the poor guy. Those two just belong with each other, I wish them all the best.

  5. Seroursily 7 you need a better lead in for tar aust , a great show held back by a horable lead in compeating with the block and marsterchef

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