The Block update

There is so much riding on The Block it will begin with a one hour episode next Monday night at 7pm on Nine.

The first week is full of nightly eliminations.

The Block returns for 2011 in the new location of Melbourne. This year it’s five nights a week, hosted by reno’ veteran Scott Cam. Eight couples turn up to compete in a fierce elimination challenge that will see the final four move into this year’s Block – four dilapidated worker’s cottages. Up tonight in the first 24hr challenge it’s West Coast versus the East when two young powerhouse teams go head-to-head — Jenna & Josh v Shannon & Aaron.

As a result this pushes back other Nine programming:

Mon June 20
7pm The Block
8pm The Big Bang Theory (new)
8:30pm Come Fly with Me (final)
9pm Rescue Special Ops
10pm Rescue Special Ops
11pm Footy Classified (Melb, Ade, Per)
11pm Harry’s Law (Syd, Bris)

The Block reverts to 30 minute episodes from Tuesday June 21.

*corrected with apologies!


  1. SummerBayLuvr

    Yawn. Boring. Wateva.

    Seriously this is the best channel 9 could think of to get them out of their deathbed? A rehashed show that gave them ratings glory um I dunno 10 years ago?

    With commisioning like this and trotting out Hey Hey last year they deserve to be at the bottom of the barrel, and deserve to stay their. I mean seriously, what you will get is a nightly 30 minutes or 60 minutes of ads in between ads.

    Utter trash

  2. This concept is now 10 years on, and like everything else on Nine, it’s timing is wrong. The endless real estate boom has stalled and this show could get caught up in that. They’ve also bumped 2 eps of RSO which is another insult to that audience. Where does this incompetence end? Third I guess, which is where they’re at.

  3. 730 pm in regionals that air Aca at 7pm. Also final of Come Fly with me on Tue 8pm on Nbn and presumably Win regionals as well.

    The Block is an hour on Thursday.

  4. @Davidm:
    No one seems to have commented on it, but they repeated the scene from the first episode where Raj is interviewed by immigration in this weeks episode. As if we wouldn’t notice…they used the same scene for saturation promotion!!

    I think ‘The Block’ will bomb.

    On a side note, I hope they overhauled the judges who seemed more far concerened with fashion trends over the ability of the builders to make use of space and create functionality.

  5. 6pm? That would be big! 🙂
    Speaking of Come Fly With Me, what’s happened to the uncut screening on Go! ? I have deliberately avoided the Nine screening to see it uncut on Go! and it wasn’t on this week? Nine screwing it’s audience yet again?? Had to source ep2 elsewhere after I forgot to record it but didn’t get the rest. Silly me to trust them to show such a short series uninterrupted. I compared just the first few minutes of the third ep between 9 and Go! and it wasn’t long till a joke was trimmed for time, so I refuse to watch this on 9.

  6. There was a report in the Herald Sun at the weekend stating that the producers had over paid for the houses they are renovating. Apparently each one cost around 950,000, adjacent to govt/social housing in an area that has seen the median price decline since. Bearing in mind that the overall aim of the show is to make a profit….this is not a good omen…

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