Uplate! New entertainment show for GO!

GO! ia launching a new weekly chat show, Uplate!, to be hosted by Shura Taft (Eclipse Music TV), James Kerley (Balls of Steel Australia, Taken Out) and Natalie Garonzi (The Xtra Factor).

To be filmed live before an audience at the Mink Bar at St Kilda’s Prince of Wales Hotel, it is described as “an exclusive backstage pass to what we’re watching, wearing and listening to, where we’re going and who we’re going with…. and it’s not for your mother.”

It will feature guests from sport, music, entertainment, politics, food and include night owls and partygoers,  entertainment news  live music, competitions and comedy.

The casting of Garonzi would suggest she may not be doing The Xtra Factor this year. As a weekly offering, this will be a first for GO!, although 7TWO had its short-lived The NightCap.

 Uplate! has a 10 week season premiering late at night in July.


  1. 10 weeks seems a bit much of a committment for Nine, maybe 1 would be better and then see how it goes. it sounds more like something that would be on community tv

  2. @Jimmy-
    How am I off topic? Go is a joke. It’s schedule is a shamble and they can’t keep any of their shows on the air. The network is meant to be for youth and yet they don’t keep any of their youth shows on- Hellcats, Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, Community, Fringe, among others, have all been treated badly. They’ve also promised RJ Berger and Glory Daze for months and have yet to put them on. If they can’t get their act together on these shows, why should they start commissioning new ones? It’s a fair point that goes to the deep heart of the problems of Go and shows that a new series (ie, this one) shouldn’t be put on the air until everything else is in order.

  3. John Jackson

    On Natalie Garonzi’s twitter she did announce shortly afterwards that she wont be apart of Xtra Factor this year and it won’t be coming back, but looking at her twitter pages now it seems to have been deleted?

    So not sure what to make of that now. In either case even even though I did like Natalie’s work on the Xtra Factor, it isn’t the saddest thing of all if she doesn’t return to that, but if there is no Xtra Factor at all, that is pretty sad! I loved the show, and hope it does return and I was pretty sure I read somewhere that it was part of the contract for having the X Factor that you must also do the Xtra Factor.

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