US manager suing Jamie Durie over The Outdoor Room

Jamie Durie is being sued by his US talent manager Lance Reynolds, who claims he was promised credit and compensation as executive producer on the US version of The Outdoor Room.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Reynolds claims he helped Durie achieve that fame and helped land him a show by introducing him to network executives. According to a 2005 Personal Management Agreement, Durie agreed to pay 15% commissions to his Atlantic Talent Management company.

But Reynolds says he was owed more. According to a lawsuit filed in LA Superior Court, the parties allegedly entered into an oral agreement that conferred a 51% ownership stake in The Outdoor Room to Atlantic Films and Television, an affiliate of ATM.

In 2008, a dispute arose over the business arrangement, which allegedly resolved itself by Durie agreeing, among other things, to make Reynolds an “executive producer” on the show and pay him “a program/series fee on a favored nations basis with all other executive producers.”

This agreement was made orally but confirmed by e-mails from Durie’s company, JPD Media.

Reynolds now claims that Durie has breached the contract and is seeking restitution.

39 episodes of The Outdoor Room have aired on HGTV and can be seen in Australia on LifeStyle HOME. The original series aired on Seven in Australia several years ago.

On the weekend Durie made an appearance in LA where nearly 400 people turned out to see him.

“We sent the email out at 9:20 on a weekday morning and within 30 minutes our phone system crashed,” said Ron Vanderhoff, general manager for Roger’s Gardens. “The women love him. He is photogenic, and he plays to the female audience really quite well.”

Durie’s new Aussie series Top Design is set to begin soon on Nine.

Update: Durie has denied he owes Lance Reynolds anything after the American filed a lawsuit in the LA Superior Court this week. “The matter is in the hands of Jamie’s US attorneys so we can’t comment,” Durie’s manager Sean Anderson said.

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