7TWO and 7mate join VAST in the West

As of this morning, VAST viewers in regional WA are being treated to an early launch of 7TWO and 7mate via satellite.

From July 28th a suite of terrestrial channels will be available in the Greater Bunbury area: GWN7, 7TWO, 7mate
WIN, GO!, Gem, TenWest, ONE and ELEVEN.

But there is some talk that WIN/TEN may have the remaining four digital multi-channels on VAST by July 21st.

This morning’s change also includes two more GWN7’s being added to VAST, to provide both satellite viewers and terrestrial relay areas with more localised advertising.


  1. Most people here in Bunbury and the South West already have Foxtel and won’t know about the new channels or bother with them.

    To little too late and alot of Taxpayers money wasted by GWN & WIN who should of done something about digital years ago instead of waiting for a Government handout, no wonder Foxtel has dishes on nearly every house and have had a permanent stall in the Bunbury Forum Shopping Centre for the last 6 years.

  2. And what about the rest of rural WA. We are 3hrs out of Perth / 3hrs from Kalgoorlie yet all we have is GWN and Win… Would be great to have some variety and other channels. Thank god for Foxtel.

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