ABC3 extends Good Game: Spawn Point

ABC3’s gaming show, Good Game: Spawn Point, will extend from a 15-minute format to a 30-minute show.

Good Game: SP, hosted by Stephanie ‘Hex’ Bendixsen and Steven ‘Bajo’ O’Donnell features a mix of reviews, stories about gaming culture and audience interaction.

Together with ABC2’s Good Game, Good Game: SP has reached over 1.3 million vodcasts, the most downloaded vodcasts of any ABC programme this year. ABC3’s Good Game: SP website has recorded 254,000 visits and 1.6 million page views since January.

Co-host Bajo says “Every three seconds we get an email from a spawnling; 95% of Aussies under 15 call themselves gamers, so we’re thrilled to be able to make a longer show especially for and with them. The 30-minute show will allow us to review more games, produce more stories about game culture and delve deeper intogaming’s rich history.”

Series Producer Janet Carr says the show “is achieving a total TV share of 16.2% among children 5-12 years old and it’s average audience share is up 114% on series one. Series two has been extended due to the enormous response from the audience and it will give gamers more ways to interact with the show and make it their own.”

Good Game: SP screens Saturdays at 9.05am on ABC3.


  1. I was one of the howlers who felt betrayed by ‘Junglist-gate’ but Hex has really settled into the role bloody well and forged a great chemistry with Baj. I’m bloody glad they dumped Ajax, too – he was frikkin’ wooden as!

  2. I hope this makes the show proper more ‘adult’… as in dropping lame stuff like viewer mail and whatnot, not swearing and sex jokes. Although I’d welcome those too.

  3. It’s not only on 9.05am Saturday, it’s also on at 7.30pm Saturday and 11.25am Sunday. I seem to recall it used to be on Thursday or Friday night as well, but perhaps the ABC3 schedule got too busy.

  4. This is great news. We always watch this (and the main show) have always thought it could be longer. I’d love to see the main show extended too.

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