Airdate: Expedition Impossible

In a somewhat unusual move, TEN will premiere new US reality series Expedition Impossible in the Sydney market next week.

It will air on a Saturday evening, presumably while other markets have AFL.

Created by producer Mark Burnett and hosted by wildlife expert Dave Salmoni, the series follows thirteen teams of three competitors as they solve problems while racing across deserts, over mountains and through rivers.

The series, which began airing in the US in late June, takes place in the exotic locales of Morocco.

The race is on as thirteen teams of ordinary people journey across vast deserts, over snow-capped mountains and through raging rivers in the beautifully exotic, fabled Kingdom of Morocco.

It begins 6:30pm Sat July 16 on TEN (Sydney).


  1. Agree with rub a dub dub. Just watched the first ep on my PVR and it was a bit of a yawn fest.

    With the ‘adventure’ style of the show it would have definitely been a much better fit on One rather than buried on a night that ten generally spectacularly fails with week in, week out, not to mention the Sydney-only part.

  2. Yes with so many holes in their schedule during the week this would have been a good timeslot filler. Its quite good, like a higher budget Amazing Race. And the ratings are good in the US.

  3. Odd, i expected a primetime slot to see if viewers were interested in the format so an Aussie version could be launched, they definately need some content to fill the screens and could capitalize on the amazing race audience

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