Australian Story: Aug 1

Sea Patrol‘s Lisa McCune introduces Australian Story next week as it profiles two unsung Australian naval heroes.

A Victoria Cross is the highest award for bravery during wartime. Of the 98 Victoria Crosses awarded to Australian servicemen, none have ever gone to the Royal Australian Navy.

As the Navy celebrates its 100th year, many believe that it is about time this historical blight was corrected.

A government inquiry will finally investigate “unresolved recognition from past acts of naval and military valour.”

A Measure of Courage examines the cases of ordinary seaman Teddy Sheean and one of Australia’s most famous Captains, Hec Waller.

18-year-old Teddy Sheean’s courageous act of strapping himself to his gun as his ship was attacked by Japanese forces is part of navy folklore.

“Teddy Sheean’s example is one of the most clearly, overtly and uncontestably heroic things that could be done,” according to the Australian Navy’s Rear Admiral James Goldrick.

Follow Garry Ivory, Teddy Sheean’s nephew, in his search for Teddy and a Victoria Cross, from Tasmania to Parliament House.

For the first time personal records of Captain Hec Waller, including sketches and letters sent home to his family from abroad, are revealed.

The astonishing survival stories of crews from HMAS Armidale and HMAS Perth are recounted, featuring one of the three remaining survivors from Teddy Sheean’s ship.

It airs 8pm Monday on ABC1.

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