Axed: Rescue Special Ops won’t be renewed

The Nine Network has confirmed it will not be renewing Rescue Special Ops for a fourth season.

A Nine spokesperson told the Sunday Telegraph, “Rescue has been a much loved drama and Nine has decided this will be its final season.

“It ends while  it’s still going strong.”

This year saw the third season boosted from 13 episodes to an impressive 22 eps. with episode 16 set to air tomorrow night.

Produced by Southern Star, its producers Julie McGauran and Sarah Smith are also producing Wild Boys for Seven -one of its first non in-house productions in a long time- plus a telemovie Dripping with Chocolate for BBC Worldwide.

The exit of Rescue follows that of Sea Patrol after 5 seasons but Nine’s drama slate is still quite buoyant with Underbelly: Razor, Beaconsfield, Kerry Packer’s World Series Cricket all yet to air, and a rumoured new drama from Screentime tipped to be announced.

New telemovie Sundowner will also be produced by Cordell Jigsaw.


  1. I am sick of you people not finishing what you started. Channel 9 is getting a bad reputation for that. Rescue Special Ops + NCIS + NCIS L.A +Sea Patrol are among Australia’s favorite shows – but sadly we have no say in any of the shit that Channel 9 wishes to dish out. It’s time the people of Chanel 9 came down and lived with the real people.

  2. that show was the best aussie drama out there a they axed it what about the people that loved the show what are the ment to do now Rescue Special Ops is gome

  3. I was all ready to watch rescue tonight, only to find last week was the last ep!!! I knew it was the last series, but couldn’t they have had a better final ending! What am I supposed to watch on Mondays now 🙁 I love my Aussie dramas, rescue, rush, underbelly.. very sad :/

  4. y take off such a good show, you leave all the shit american shows on but take off the good australian shows, aussie aussie aussie…..where where where … there is hardly any good aussie shows on anymore, all the good ones you take off, we just dont understand why.. rescue was the best show on telly, now please explain what is there to watch on a monday night, i will not watch any american crap just to boycott nbn (win) channel 9…. you have made such a huge mistake taking rescue off, lets hope and pray that another network takes on such a great show. shame on you channel nine, nbn or win……. shame shame shame

  5. Ok I cannot believe that Chanel 9 an Australian TV station would ax a localy produced Australian Show and then as the last slap in the face would advertise as the final credits are rolling another American produced TV Show. That is exactly what the Australian community needs anotehr American Crime Show!!!! Oh wait a minute this one is different as you have a man who can tell when crimes are going to happen nothing like the 80s show Early Edition or even the UK produced Paradox. I just wished I had a strange looking man talling me about the horros that I have wintessed at the hands of Chanel 9. If I had I would have never been sucked in to adopting the Gallergah family into my life. How is that in our economic climate we have taken away an Australian TV produced show which provides an income to Australian Citizens and stimulates our economy. I cannot believe that the decision has been made to Ax a much Loved Australian TV show like Speical Ops. Chanel 9 now equiped with hindsight I have offcialy switched off. I am not going to be sucked in again like this get into watching a show then ax it and teh lame exucse is that chanel 9 would like to leave special ops on a high.

  6. Damn u channel 9 u always axe the great shows n rescue ops was by far 1 of the best…you reel us in get us hooked then take it away…. thankgod for foxtel

  7. Um… @Jess you mean Nine, love! Channel 9 have had it wrong for years now. This is not a new thing. They are trying to duplicate the celeb crap that Channel Seven carry on with but at least do with flair. If they were a family member they’d be your overbearing middle class uncle who got louder and more opinionated on matters the drunker he got, telling you how to live your life and telling all what’s wrong with the world, yet secretly gets on the net to look at porn when wifey poo has gone to bed. He’s balding, has a plate full of false teeth, used to smoke and works in middle management at a credit union and makes all his decisions based in the opinions if people in the wrong crowd.

  8. Can’t believe Channel 9 have done it again by axing one of the best shows on TV. What a pathetic ending – surely you could have come up with something better for the Final episode!!

  9. That’s just rude!!!! How could u axe it. Channel 9 is super nasty!!!! It’s the best show and thus channel is now dead to me because I don’t wanna watch shitty shows! Rescue is the only good one they had!!! Why would u axe it???

  10. just when Dean and Lara get somewhere they axe it……how rude!!! I love this show, it’s the only good show channel 9 even has on, now there’s no reason to watch this channel any more

  11. What a terrible time to axe RSO, there are still so many story lines which could be followed up. Bad move by Channel 9, just taught the public not to invest anymore time in any of their series seeing as they cut them so frequently regardless of public opinion. I reckon many will boycott Channel 9 just on principle now.

  12. Lorraine Morrison

    Hay channel 9!! You know what? No one watches the crap underbelly shows any more because they become worse with each new episode. But you will keep making them even though they cost a mint. And there you go axing a great show like Rescue……….what th !!!

  13. Lorraine Morrison

    They have axed one of the only shows I look forward to watching every week. All that is left is stuff from o/s or crap reality shows which are not in the same class as things like Rescue. I feel let down and very upset. I wish I could do something to change the minds of the people who make these decisions. They are making a mistake and they should explain why they are doing this to so many fans of the show. Who can I email to ask why they are doing this?

  14. What is wrong with channel 9 they keep getting rid of the best tv shows they have but yet keep the lamest ones going. Rescue Special Ops is a fantastic show and i can’t believe its axed.

  15. I am appalled. I just watched the last episode. For ten to just stop RSO like that is a massive mistake. I loved the content and dynamics of the show. It had everything in it. The adventure, romance. Comedy etc. I will miss it

  16. how can they axe the only good show they have airing?? it’s the best aussie show on tv…..Booo channel 9, you don’t have anything else going for you, that’s for sure

  17. please dont axe it it is the best show on tv at the moment great aussie actors please other channels pick it up please .. channel 9 you are losing viewers doing this this is the only show on 9 worth watching …

  18. i am so disappointed in the axing of a brilliant show.. i dont really watch a lot of television but always looked forward to monday nights just so i could watch it.. im going to miss this show. i loved the cast and especially the great storylines.. big mistake in letting this show go..

  19. Noooooo please don’t remove rescue!!!! I Love it!! All the actors have done such a wonderful job and should be deeply commended for their marvelous work. I’m going to miss the show so much and think channel nine are making a very big mistake!! I hope all the actors know how much they will be missed.

  20. Really going to miss this fantastic show. Like City Homicide,over on 7, this is a constantly good show. Unfortunately,RSO will eventually be replaced with more American shows that are average,or re-runs of previous shows. Thanks to all the cast,especially Gigi….you made the show worth watching!!!

  21. This is ridiculous! Fantastic aussie shows being axed to me isnt a great sign for channel nine. If they were still going strong you would think they would leave it to air for a fourth season. Three is just too short. Channel nine has Underbelly and thats it. Way to go killing off the best shows ever to be broadcasted on aussie television!!!

  22. Buoyant?????? You ve got to be kidding. Channel nine is going to be anything but. Viewers are so over the axing of good Australian drama from nine. All of us “deflated” users won’t fall for the same trap next time nine!!! No one will want to get invested in your shows anymore so they simply won’t watch!!!!!!!!!!

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