Benji McNair returns to Neighbours

Actor Benji McNair returns to Ramsay Street next week, reprising his role as Mal Kennedy.

McNair played the eldest son of Karl and Susan Kennedy principally from 1994 – 1997 but made later appearances, last seen in the Neighbours  anniversary video in 2005.

Here’s the synopsis for Monday:

After Susan passes on Karl’s prognosis, Jim decides to cease his chemotherapy. Furious, Rhys gives Karl a serve for interfering with his patient. Karl quickly realises Susan has betrayed his confidence, she defends her actions but Karl’s not  interested. Malcolm Kennedy makes for a surprising arrival on the Kennedys’
doorstep and immediately notices the tension. Is the Kennedy marriage really in trouble?

Tash remains distant from Michael as he practices his hands-off approach  to parenting. Unable to cope, Tash finds solace at PirateNet but Summer soon ropes her into talking about her photo scandal.

Fearing she’ll never reconcile with Michael if she’s seen to be still playing  the victim, Tash is reluctant.

However in order to put Summer’s suspicions to rest, she’s forced to go on air. Michael hears the show and is disgusted with his daughter. Will Tash ever win back his respect?

It airs 6:30pm Monday July 18 on ELEVEN.


  1. I haven’t watched for a while except for the time I was in the UK for 10 days since they moved the show to 11 but it’s great to have Malcolm back.

    add all these new characters coming along and it should get better.With Zeke,Ringo and the Other University crowd long gone it was turning largely into nothing more than a grown up’s Degrassi/Saved by the Bell New Class(Anyone remember those)with the exception of Libby,Toadie and Sonya to keep it afloat as a good alternative to those crappy current affairs shows elsewhere.

  2. OH Dear!!!! Neigh-bores is still in production…..since It has moved to Channel 11 there has been little if any advertising for it….I thought it may have justifiably been axed… such luck…..

  3. Can’t wait to have Malcolm back!

    I’m looking forward to seeing all the new characters coming up in the next few months. It was announced yesterday that Freya Stafford has just joined the cast.

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