Billy eliminated from MasterChef

Billy Law was eliminated from MasterChef last night in a tight battle with golden boy Hayden Quinn and controversial contestant Mat Beyer.

Despite being praised for his tricky salt encrusted guinea fowl it was a raw beetroot salad that was his downfall.

“I think definitely the pressure was on me when other contestants thought I was a strong contender,” he said. “When people tipped me to win it was intimidating and, yes, I felt threatened.

“It was devastating to be told I was leaving and I really wanted to keep on going.”

“When I knew my dough wasn’t up to scratch I panicked and spent all my time trying to salvage the dish instead of moving on to making two perfect side dishes,” he says.

“I just didn’t have time for my side dishes and when I served up the raw beetroot and apple salad I was hoping that I’d scrape through.”

But all may not be lost….

Promos for Wednesdays episode indicate a bombshell when Matt Preston arrives at the contestants’ house to deliver the bad news that someone else is being immediately cut from the contest.

Media reports have previously indicated Mat Beyer was cut prior to the New York trip (which airs on Sunday).

If producers decide to return the last evictee, Billy may get a lifeline.

The 90 minute episode is ideally timed against the State of Origin match at 7:30pm Wednesday.


  1. The promos have top 8 in new York on sun night. So they must eliminate then bring back but then have another elimination on thurs night.

  2. About my earlier comment, I really wouldn’t mind if Billy was bought back. Just not Jay please. Billy or Kumar I’d be happy. 🙂

  3. @ Secret Squïrrel says:
    July 5, 2011 at 12:10 pm
    Bring back Poh!
    Ah!…a voice crying in the wilderness… 😆

  4. “Billy won’t be back. He lost the elimination fair and square-for a change. He served raw vegies for goodness sake.

    Bring back Kumar!”

    I don’t get this comment – are you saying Billy lost fair and square but there was something unfair and unsquare about the way Kumar was eliminated?

    It should be last out first back in.

  5. Hmm, interesting programming decision. I know rugby league is not huge nationally, but ratings consistently prove Origin matches are winners. Especially this one, being the decider and Darren Lockyer’s final game in the maroon jersey. Brave of Masterchef to split the audience this way. Thank god for remote controls.

  6. It better be Kumar or Billy. If they bring back one of the earlier evictees, there will be an outcry and it would be blatantly unfair. To be honest, I don’t see why they should bring back anyone, they should just not have an elimination round later this week, as Mat was booted. This really does make them look stupid, as they said this year that nobody would be brought back, no matter what.

  7. @ Stan–

    It’s the same as every week. Currently 9 contestants are in the Masterchef competition, Matt will get removed on Wednesday night for “cheating” leaving 8 people. This will lead to “insert name here” returning coming back to 9, while Wednesday night is still the team challenge.

    The losing team will have an elimination challenge on Wednesday night, someone else will go home and we will be back to 8 contestants again.

  8. Billy won’t be back. He lost the elimination fair and square-for a change. He served raw vegies for goodness sake.

    Bring back Kumar!

  9. I don’t get this. If only 8 have travelled to NYC hoe can the show bring somebody else back and than do another elimination round before everybody else leaves for NYC? Is there a plan to have another elimination round before their trip to NYC?

  10. I really hope we see Billy back. Given he was the last one booted off, and in a cookoff against Mat, it seems only fair. He’s also my favourite so I’m a bit biased, but it seems much fairer than bringing back someone even as far back as Kumar.

  11. it better be billy or kumar, no one else is deserving of it.

    i think kumar deserves it because he did the best with limited ingredients, and utilized cooking methods he learned on the back of a reward challenge. i thought that was good to see. plus hes a sweetheart, it’s not the same without him!

    billy is deserving because he was the last one booted off.

    if they bring anyone back who was eliminated before these 2, then there’s a problem.

  12. beachlover46

    I think it’s only fair that either Billy or Kumar are brought back into Master Chef. Kumar just missed out on the top ten and Billy had a pressure test against Mat. Both Kumar and Billy should be given a second chance as they did not cheat.

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