Britain plans drama on The Murdochs

We’ve had The Kennedys, and now Britain’s Channel 4 is in development on a drama about the Murdoch family set in the future.

The bio-pic, written by Peep Show writer Jesse Armstrong, is set in the future as patriarch Rupert Murdoch is dying.

The drama follows what happens at a family dinner party when the relatives fight about who should take over News Corp. The entire Murdoch family is featured in the project.

The Murdochs was originally pitched to Channel 4 around two years ago but interest has now been revived following the phone hacking scandal at the News of the World.

Channel 4’s head of drama Camilla Campbell said, “For me it never really went away, but with the stories about hacking I think the time could be right to make this.”

Source: DigitalSpy


  1. Worth noting Jesse Armstrong has denied this. C4 though have made a number of “what if” docu-dramas over recent years, including assasinationg George W. Bush, kidnpapping Prince Harry and putting Tony Blair on trial.

  2. David @ Green Point

    Actually, we should give Little Lachy some credit.

    He walked away from Rupert’s clutches 6 years ago (July 2005) and is determined to be his own man, hence the acquisition of a controlling share of radio DMG and his involvement in the TEN network. (he’s also involved with a small share of Prime TV as well, I think)

    James and his sister will end up running News.

    And Rupert continues to dance a little Fox-trot as the walls come a-crumbling down……

  3. Armchair Analyst

    I for one would not mind a bio pic on the Murdochs. The Murdochs are one of the most powerful and intreaguing media families in the world. If the bio pic ever gets made it would be very valuable as a learning tool for future reference. I just wonder how much the Murdochs will allow to be filmed or go to air. Like any powerful family they are going to be very touchy feely about what is released.

  4. @pondie84. “distasteful” is a word that describes anything associated with News Corp. – Their “news” publications sometimes referred to as “newspapers”, Fox News, reneging in “agreements” when he took over the “Times”, etc., etc.

  5. Sounds like it’s not set very far in the future! They’d better get it made and broadcast PDQ or it’ll be up against reality!

    I’ve been saying for several years that the post-Rupert legal and family ructions will be the biggest and most entertaining show on earth for years to come. Lawyers in Australia, the UK and USA are already rubbing their hands in glee. It’ll run like a Broadway show.

    Stock up on popcorn now, you wouldn’t want to run out in the middle of the show!

  6. Ewww that sounds disgusting! I mean there’s no doubt the children probably are arguing over who gets to take over but come on, you don’t need to make entertainment from it. Britain’s media gets a bad wrap but it must be what the audience over there wants.

    Any chance it will screen here on TEN :p

  7. Judy Dench as Dame Elizabeth, his mother. She is still very much alive and lively (and lovely).
    I remember Rupert fondly from the day he rescued WIN4 from closure, then went off to America and bought up all of the new season shows, selling them to Nine & Seven on condition they gave him Nine News, Bandstand, etc.
    The latest revealations are shameful. I haven’t bought a News Corp newspaper for years. They aren’t “newspapers”. They’re now only political attack rags and scandal sheets. News should definitely not get to run Australia Network.

  8. Even though the phone hacking scandal is terrible, having murdoch dying on the show before he is dead in real life is disrepectful.
    Imagine watching yourself die on television and how your family would cope.

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