Bumped: No Ordinary Family

Updated: The super-power family is replaced by Border Security, but moves to 7mate.

Updated: No Ordinary Family is moving from Seven to 7mate.

The show, which has been drawing lacklustre ratings, will no longer air on Seven but will air on 7mate in the same timeslot of 7:30pm Mondays from next week.

Next Monday night Seven has a repeat of Border Security at 7:30pm followed by a new episode of Border Patrol -although a week later Crash Investigation Unit airs at 8pm.

On Thursday at 7:30pm it will air a double repeat of The Vicar of Dibley, which pushes Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Private Practice and 30 Rock back by ten minutes each.

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  1. 7 has been doing that a lot lately.The only decent show Winners and Losers aside that they have left that ain’t a medical drama is How I met your Mother and The Amazing Race Australia.The Rest are mostly crap that you wouldn’t spend 50 dollars on a box set for in most cases.

  2. I don’t know what people are so upset about the show is still on but just on 7mate. As for the people complaining about shows being moved around this is the first one this year for seven. Give them some slack. Their the only network trying to impress viewers.

  3. I watched the first few eps but lost interest, I have copies so I can get back to it if I feel like later.

    I’m amazed Seven hasn’t done more, it’s Thursday line-up of Greys and Desperate is slipping, so much so it almost slipped to 3rd this week. Fan’s of NOF should be grateful Seven are doing the right thing and keeping this now cancelled show on it’s schedule to finish it’s run. If it was on Nine it would have vanished weeks ago only to come back with no promotion and stuck late at night on a digital channel. So keeping the same 7:30 slot is pretty good, also think of it this way, it should now be in HD.

  4. Its called 7mate, not 7female. Srsly why put this show that was cancelled after 1 season and cheaper by the dozen on this channel instead of the afl or something manly. 7mate will suffer as a result.

  5. Im surprised the show lasted as long as it did in the mon 7:30 slot. What with it being axed and all. Btw it’s The Amazing Race Australia. Not united states of TARA.

  6. To the people who think that it was the “constant changing of shows from one night to another” that killed this show… you’re wrong. The show was rating terribly in its Monday night slot, no doubt TAR would be rating higher with a better lead in. The ratings last night were most likely due to people tuning in to see HIMYM only to see NOF on their screens, and regular viewers of NOF not knowing about the added night. But the show was dying well before this happened.

  7. Does that mean its going to be Border Patrol then Crash Investigators then Teen Wolf? Doesn’t seem like a very cohesive lineup, how do the expect teen wolf to perform with a lead in like that? or have I got my channels/days mixed up because I though Teen wolf was going to be on 7 @ 9.30 Mondays

  8. It was inevitable. However talking next Thursday I thought Private Practice was at 9:30pm next week following the Grey’s finale then the following week was going to be a 2 hour finale of DH.

  9. That sucks! Me and my family love the show but Seven should have seen that coming when they saw the ratings the show received on ABC in the U.S. with the ratings being that bad it wasn’t even considered for being renewed (following the bad luck of ABC produced sci-fi programs – with it being The Gates last year and Defying Gravity before that). Sevenshould have left it for FOX8 or one of the other entertainment channels on pay TV to buy it and saved their money for renewed shows such as Royal Pains, Castle and Parenthood, or new shows such as Suits.

  10. It’s not that surprising. It was already cancelled in the US before 7 bothered to start screening it.

    I would have watched it from the start, but since I already knew it had been cancelled, I couldn’t be bothered investing time in watching a show that was going nowhere (although I probably would have tuned into the episodes with Xena in them if 7 had continued screening the series).

  11. some of these people need to get over themselves 7 gave it more chance than 9 or 10 would have. i agree it was a good show but when the us axe a show news of it filters through to oz and some people see that as a massive fail and won’t sacrifice mc or block time for something they know is going to end

  12. Dear Channel 7,

    Thankyou for our new viewers. Whilst this family enjoyed No Ordinary Family, they have no desire to watch a reruns of Border Patrol so will instead be watching Master Chef Australia.

    Channel 10.

  13. After landing a pathetic 510,000 viewers last night this is no surprise.

    No Ordinary Family will air its final 10 episodes in its traditional timeslot of Monday 7:30pm from next week…although on 7mate, not Seven.

    Hopefully this means TAR:Australia will now have a half-decent lead-in. 600k in a primetime slot is just horrendous

  14. Dear decision makers on Channel Seven, who don’t have the conviction to stand buy your purchases and strategies.

    Have you ever thought your constant changing of shows from one night to another, along with your sudden decisions to cancel shows without so much as an advert may have something to do with the poor ratings for the excellent shows you purchase from the US, but then don’t follow through with.

    And people wonder why the world turns to our computers and downloads TV shows robbing TV stations of views and thus advertising dollars.

    Please Mr or Mrs Seven Decision makers, get your act together!

  15. Another show ripped off the schedule before its run is done. It’s hardly worth investing the time to watch new shows these days unless they are a sure thing.

    Could the networks at least put these shows on their ‘catch-up’ service so that people who do actually want to see the end of the season can at least watch it online?

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