Bumped: The Closer, Rizzoli & Isles.

GEM is making a switcheroo next week, with The Closer and Rizzoli & Isles moving from Tuesday night to Wednesday night.

The Closer will now air at 9:40pm Wednesday followed by Rizzoli & Isles at 10:40pm.

Meanwhile the Clint Eastwood movie Tightrope which was to have aired on Wednesday now switches to 9:30pm Tuesday, following The Wizard of Oz at 7:30pm.

With State of Origin and The Block, Nine looks like it is pulling out all stops to win a ratings week…..


  1. Rosemary Watson

    No problem with change of night but both The Closer and Rizzoli & Isles seem to have been taken off altogether after only a couple of weeks on Wednesday night.
    They are two of the only programmes I like where are they?

  2. The only catch with Intelligent PVRs like the TiVo is a) they record things you don’t want and b) if the network hasn’t updated the EPG they are useless.

    But that aside I’d love to squeeze a 3Tb HDD into my LG PVR.

  3. Thanks for the heads-up David but frequent changes like this have encouraged me to buy a PVR with an Intelligent Recording function. It will record a show whenever it’s broadcast but I do have to delete almost half of the recordings because they were b/cast twice in 24hrs. Zooming through 4mins of ads in 15 secs is a joy. I can’t wait for a machine with 15 channels and a weeks worth of storage but it’s probably called ‘the internet’.

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