Conroy contradicts Nine Perth claim on State of Origin exemption

The Minister for Communications, Stephen Conroy, has not declined a request for Channel Nine Perth to play tomorrow night’s State of Origin match on a multichannel, because no request was made.

The timeslot for the SOO has been an issue in the west, partly because the audience for NRL is perceived as modest, and because the late airing is compounded by the differences in time zone.

On its Facebook page, Wide World of Sports claimed, “Nine Perth have applied for an exemption from the senator and it was not approved.”

Last week a spokesperson from WIN TV’s Nine Perth told TV Tonight, “We inquired of the Minister’s office but his hands are tied by the legislation, State of Origin is a Tier A sport and until Perth switches off the analog service, the broadcaster is required to simulcast in analog and digital on the main channel.”

But State of Origin will actually be a Tier B event on the new-look anti-siphoning list.

Yesterday a spokesperson for Senator Conroy contradicted Nine’s advice, telling TV Tonight, “The Minister has not received any request from the Nine Network or WIN to delist matches of the 2011 State of Origin.

“These “delistings” have been made on a case-by-case basis following requests from relevant free-to-air broadcasters that hold the broadcast rights to the events in question, and where they are consistent with the intended reforms to the anti-siphoning scheme as announced by the Minister on 25 November 2010.

“These reforms will provide for the making of an anti-siphoning list with two tiers: Tier A and Tier B. State of Origin will be listed under Tier B of a future list. Tier B events will be allowed to be premiered on a digital multichannel.

“It remains the case that scheduling and programming decisions regarding events such as the State of Origin are commercial considerations for free-to-air broadcasters. The anti-siphoning scheme and list would not prevent Nine Perth from showing matches of the 2011 State of Origin at an earlier time on its main channel.”

When furthered on the detail of its exemption request, Nine Perth declined to comment further.

The game will be played at 8:30pm tomorrow night on Nine, one hour earlier than the second SOO match.


  1. This should be seriously complained about, to cover the fact that they are treating a great sporting event with total disrespect, again! Roll on 2013 and a new TV station covering RL.

  2. Of course WIN can separate feeds to Perth, WA Country and Adelaide. How else can they put in the approriate advertising in these locations.

    One problem though, there is no transmission of Go! or GEM in WA outside of Perth yet.

  3. Just following up on afl on 7mate . That is incorrect
    Announcement was advertised in the Sunday times that 7mate would have movie war of the worlds on 8.30 afl game would be replay as per usual at 6.00 am on mate

  4. It’s no good calling Channel Nine at all. The guy I spoke to was nothing short of rude. I explained the facts to him and his response was “no crap”. Sounded like i was talking to a 16 year old with an attitude problem. I asked why he couldn’t put Origin on at 7.30 instead of 8.30 instead of repeats of 2008 episodes of BBT. He said “would you rather me put it on at 10.30”, implying I should just be happy they’ve put it on at 8.30 like it’s an incovenience. Disgusting attitude and it’s no wonder Nine are considered the worst network when that’s how they treat their viewers.

  5. No good calling channel 9 in Adelaide or Perth, as they owned and operated by WIN, not Nine. You are better off calling WIN Wollongong as WIN owned Nine in Adelaide in Perth are just mere shopfronts now where no local decision making is made thesedays, as it is all controlled by Wollongong HQ and or Bermuda HQ.

  6. Just called Channel Nine Adelaide to complain. Got the excuse it didn’t rate. I explained Game 2 increased on game 1 indicating putting it on at a better time gets more viewers, imagine what showing it live would get. I explained Nine has finished 3rd every Wednesday night for months now, so people aren’t watching so the excuse it doesn’t rate is a cop out. And said at least put it live on Gem or Go, which they said they can’t which i explained the rule to them that they get permission from Conroy and they can. I also gave a lovely quote from Gallop saying the next tv rights has to include better coverage in non- traditional NRL states, meaning if Nine aren’t willing to show NRL in Adelaide, then they won’t be getting the rights at all. Doubt anything will change in the next 24 hours though. People at Nine are hopeless.

  7. @Bella- re GEM- Yes. There is an extensive network of microwave links on the east coast provided by DDA which is owned by WIN. Most of WINs propagation is done using this network.
    For the distribution to WA it is done via satellite. Perth STW9 from Wollongong uses microwave and optic fibre.
    (For “Wollongong” read Media Hub at Ingleburn, NSW)

  8. Can they change the programming for the multi-channel just for Perth? I just presumed that if they put the State of Origin on GEM live it would have to go out that way across the country. Not just filter it live into Perth. Hope that makes sense. It was just a thought.

    On a side note I noticed that 7mate this Friday has the Eagles and Geelong game on at 7:30pm on 7 Perth (delayed as bouncedown is at 6:40pm) and yet its on 7mate at 8:30pm!

  9. Secret Squïrrel

    Told you someone was not telling the truth. WIN have taken a commercial decision (which is fine) but have not communicated it very well. They could have shown the SOO in Perth on GEM from 7:30 in place of “The Jane Austen Book Club” or even from 6:00 instead of old Friends eps.

  10. some person in a suit and tye again telling porkies…. what will it hurt to show it live on a multi channel…. if they dont think it will get the viewers…. and im sure WIN with its fantastic mediahub could easily move things around so our cousins in Perth are able to watch the footy live….. lets hope the NRL are watching and taking notes…for TV rights talks….. we are all watching 9/WIN/ Mr Gordon

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