Ellie wins Immunity Pin on MasterChef

Ellie Paxton-Hall becomes the third person in MasterChef to win a coveted Immunity Pin.

21 year old Ellie Paxton-Hall has won an Immunity pin on MasterChef Australia.

The youngest contestant in the series is the third person to win the coveted prize.

She won in a Central Park challenge requiring her to cook Italian against Cesare Casella, of Salumeria Rosi.

Remarkably, it was her first Immunity challenge after saving herself from elimination in five previous pressure tests.

The good thing about the episode was there were no Spoilers, real, intended, or otherwise, and the result came out of the blue.

To win an Immunity Pin at this point of the contest is a powerful move.

There are two more episodes set in New York City, tonight and tomorrow.

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  1. The surfer is an ‘ all rounder ‘ in comparison. He cooked well in andre, main and dessert. But who knows underdogs are there waiting for an opportunity to tip over. As I see it, whoever wins is Not a forgone conclusion at least not yet.

    Eat in at the Surfer, Billy, Ellie or Elana restaurants, why not? I love to.

  2. What struck me about the Pasta dish that Ellie had to make, did look like the one
    the was cooked for the show by Cesare, but when both dishes were finished for the challenge Cesare’s looked nothing like what he previously cooked. Why?
    He is supposed to be an Italian chef and he would not have served up that
    dish in his restuarant the way he prepared it. I was convinced that was done on purpose so that Ellie could win. Ellie had way too much help. I can’t remember over the last year’s of Masterchef, contestants having so much help in a cook off with a celebrity, and the final touch, Cesare grating cheese over Ellie’s pasta.
    I think he should have grated cheese over his own.

  3. This is another tv series trying to humiliate its viewers.The judges are clearly take unfair decisions to eliminate winners and keep losers in the competition.  Ellie,Danny and Elana are clear losers in many stages in the competition while others disappear one by one.The two of the judges saved Danny and Ellie many times even they failed the tests giving unbelievable excuses.Except the food critique guy, other two judges are clearly bias. Look like they already decided who win the master chef 2011 by now.Seemingly, they eyes on blonde or dumb Danny to win this.I am will be wasting my money if I eat anything cooked by this type of master chefs  at any  restaurant.What about you? 

  4. It is not imposible that Ellie or Danny(worst cooks) can win anything since the judges are bias.The judges systematically eliminated who they do not like before the new York trip.As any other Aussie tv competitions ,when it comes to last stages judges manage to eliminate real winners and highlight the dodgy characters.If you watch carefully through the whole series you will pick this easy.It is acceptable since this is one of the tv series from commercialized media mafia think all viewers are stupid except them.So any worst cook can be winner of master-chef Australia title and since  they have no idea what is mean by ‘master’.So, you can imagine the level of these masters and hence the judges.

  5. Kate will not be the winner of Masterchef, well a ‘mom’ won two years ago. Billy couldn’t possibly win it, why an Asian Australian won last year!!. Alana is a nonentity, Ellie and Danni just jokes, Sun is the worst female cook left. Hopefully she will go tonight.
    That leaves Michael and Golden Boy Haydyn.
    The producers I am sure this year would like a blue eyed blondie surfer to be the winner of MasterChef…..a marketers dream.

  6. Wow an immunity pin won in the same manner as Danni won her’s. Too much assistance means that they don’t really win but are just handed an unfair advantage. Ellie cannot cook to save herself, she should have been bundled out the comp a long time ago – but young blonde and blue eyed is much better for the ratings.
    The fact tha Ellie and Alanah one last night consider the shambolic way in which they approached the recipe meant only one thing – that recipe was much simpler than that of the other teams and Alanah is an excellent desert cook. What was Ellies part of the desert…oh yes the bit on the side and putting th desert in the fridge…well done Ellie you are a waste of TV time.

  7. I don’t think there is favoritism in this show. Its setting has created surprises on who is next going home. Having said that in my opinion the immunity challenge requires a bit of fine toning next season.

    One is a professional serving a dish repeatitively for 10 years, in the case of Billy Law his lady opponent had a 50 years advantage. A genius has to beat him or her from learning the recipe to being productive in just 1 hour. This is madness. I am glad one or two is a bit more generous making the show more entertaining. Look, in any competition, the element of luck is always there.

    It is Mike’s choice making Ellie the winner of the most popular dish at UN which she deserves on her way to winning the immunity pin. Apparently, she has improved a great deal by emerging as the survivor of 5 elimination challenges. She is growing. Good luck, hope to see you in the last 4 at least.

  8. I am sick to death of all these hollow “If Dani or Ellie make it thru, I wont be watching”. threats. Why are you telling us this? No one cares if you watch or not. None of you have tasted any of the food cooked by any of the contestants, nor do you appreciate the extreme pressure and stress the producers put these amateur chefs through in order to entertain us. Well done to everyone who had the guts to apply and compete on Masterchef, you are all champions.

  9. I for one have loved seeing Ellie become more focused with her dishes. She was never a bad cook. She just couldn’t quite get her ideas and flavour combinations to translate onto a plate, which has definitely been changing over the last couple of weeks. She’s a late bloomer in the competition like Callum and Julie, imo.

    And I also like seeing her smiling and enjoying herself! God forbid a reality show contestant actually shows off her joy and excitement of getting to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity.

  10. At the UN canape fiasco I started to think it was a set up. Hayden was calling several times for service and three young male waiters stood watching Ellie. She did not have anything to take out at that stage. She asked them to tell everyone to vote for the duck. She only beat Hayden by a few votes and if he had his more of his canape dessert taken out that might have made all the difference.
    I think the judges are sympathetic to a young blue eyed blonde who a couple of weeks ago was turning on the tears when the going got tough. I also thought her ‘sucked in Michael’ comment was most unnecessary. Shows her immaturity.
    Will really be interesting to see who the final two will be.

  11. @Steve, good suggestion, but Shine won’t be producing the next series of MCA, I think Fremantle take over the gig after this season. Hopefully, they will post-mortem this series and do some tweaking. God knows, the show needs it.

    The contestants this year have been the major disappointment – it was poorly cast this season, I mean, come on – Sun is a Top 24 cooking talent???? She wouldn’t have made Top 50 last series. Also, as other posters here have noted, the challenges and contestants’ dishes have most definitely lacked the “wow factor” of other seasons. I am hard pressed to think of one dish produced during the invention test, for example, that has wowed me this season. As well, there is a mean spiritedness about the sadistic challenges and out of kilter penalties given out that leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

  12. I personally refused to keep watching after Dani won an immunity pin, now Ellie? what the? I looked up mc news with the glimmer of hope that the worthy cooks would still be there – wishful thinking. I don’t understand the logic behind this because from people’s comments it is not giving the show a positive image. I will no longer tune in. In my opinion it is a rigged publicity fest, and insulting to the public to pretend otherwise. I think it makes an embarrassing mockery of the whole industry really, and i loved this show once. what a let down.

  13. I’m so tired of people bitching about how the show is not good anymore blah blah. Look if you are a fan of the show but feel a bit disappointed with this season then what you should do is, take the same amount of time you take here on this blog to comment, and send through an email to Shine Australia. Explain to them what you would like changed in season 4 that would ensure you to remain as an avid viewer.

    That seems to be a bit more productive then jumping on every MasterChef article and trying to start an uprising. Besides i believe the Finals will involve Michael and Kate

  14. I honestly don’t think Ellie is the worse cook – she just doesn’t know how plan things out under the time constraint – look at the meals that have got her through the pressure tests – she can cook.

    And for those complaining that the weaker cooks who get the immunity pin disadvantage the the stronger cooks – if the stronger cooks were that good they’d be in the immunity pin challenges in the first place.

    This season is odd in the sense many more of the contestants are winning the immunity pin. In past seasons winning the immunity pin was very rare.

  15. I can’t believe I am saying this as I am a staunch defender of this (once) great show. But last night was the first time I felt it is becoming silly. This close ([ ]) to give up on it.

    Giggling uneven cook win immunity challenge while able cook is sent to elimination? What a farce.

  16. Could not agree more with most of the above comments. Being an elder in the community and of Italian parentage I do not believe a chef of Cesare’s calibre would firstly make bad pasta and secondly not cook it enough. Also of course there was way to much sauce in his dish unlike the one under the cloche. Why is the show so blantantly rigged? Just another “Reality Show” I guess. I fear if this is the way MasterChef is going it will not be a stayer for long.

  17. I agree with everyone saying that Caesare appeared to ‘throw’ the challenge. And there was way too much assistance.

    I really don’t agree that a draw is a win either (from Dani’s ep). To beat someone at something you need to outdo them not equal them.

    I have nearly had it with the sexist undertones too. How about we base Ellie and Dani’s performance on merit and not whether they flirt with judges and giggle like little girls.

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