Glee stars hate the slushie

Stars of Glee appeared at fan conventions in Sydney and Melbourne on the weekend, as Kevin McHale (Artie), Harry Shum Jr. (Mike), Ashley Fink (Lauren) and Dot Jones (Coach) met excited fans.

Around 300 fans gathered in Melbourne yesterday for autographs, photos and a Q&A with the stars.

Harry Shum Jr. told fans he hated the Glee slushie, which were originally made with gelatin.

“It hurts so bad,” he said.

“They started making real slushies with cold ice, and it’s literally like someone hitting you.

“They try to be gentle but the director is like, ‘No man. You gotta make this real.’

“What’s really difficult is that you can’t flinch.”

Shum began dancing after he moved to Los Angeles, taking up to 5 classes a day.

“I started going to dance classes for fun, but it took over my life. When you love something so much it just consumes you.”

He identified idols including Charlie Chaplin, Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Michael Jackson and Donald O’Connor. One of his favourite musical sequences was the “Make ‘Em Laugh” routine with Matthew Morrison.

“Matt broke his finger on the first take. He didn’t even know he broke it until the next day,” he said.

At the Glee audition he wasn’t even asked to dance, but his one-day job soon turned into a week, a month and now as resident cast.

Shum also wowed the crowd yesterday with impromptu body isolation and moonwalk dances -the backslide, as it was known before Jackson popularised it.

But he also admits he doesn’t know what’s in store for season three.

“I heard they’re focussing on the characters who didn’t get too much in the first seasons. So I’m in that category,” he said.

“But I’m in the dark just like you.”

Whilst on his flying visit to Australia, Shum told fans he had been given a book on Australia’s Natural Disasters by a fan, which had impressed him.

“You guys are a strong country. You’ve been through a lot,” he said.

“The middle part of Australia is nothing but you have 22 million population. So I like that man doesn’t have to take over everything. Just let it be.”

Shum was also grateful for the many opportunities Glee had brought him.

“Going on Oprah, meeting Obama, travelling the world, meeting awesome people like you,” he said.


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