Got Talent gets 1.8m

As its best-ever season continues, Australia's Got Talent topped 1.8m viewers on Tuesday in a night of very entertaining acts.

A very entertaining episode of Australia’s Got Talent topped 1.8m viewers as the top show for Tuesday night.

In the lead up to the finale, the show was full of talented acts including Jack Vidgen, Chooka Parker and dance troupe Instant Bun. FremantleMedia’s production values on this show continue to ensure this is the strongest season so far.

It bettered a one hour episode of MasterChef Australia (also by FremantleMedia) on 1.61m viewers, an episode which really didn’t need to stretch beyond its usual 30 minutes. It also defeated The Big Bang Theory / RBT (793,000 / 653,000), 7.30 / Foreign Correspondent (538,000 / 484,000) and The Secret Life Of Your Body Clock (SBS ONE 277,000).

The Block won at 7pm with 1.35m over Home and Away (1.00m), ABC News (965,000) and a bit of a gushing 7PM Project with Julia Gillard on (808,000).

Winners & Losers followed AGT late with 1.23m.

Sea Patrol‘s final night ranked 843,000 but some cities saw the final episode at 9:30pm with 384,000.

An NCIS repeat was 775,000.

Seven won Tuesday.

Week 29

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  1. Top Gear won’t be any challenge at all.Personally would sit through the last half of this while waiting for Winners and Losers happily then watch some pathetic car show which most of the time shows cars that we ordinary folk can’t afford to have.

  2. Seven could of easily let AGT wane. Instead they did something different and made it better. First they got more contempory judges and then they somehow got the talent and lots of it. Xfactor could do the same. Last season they had all the glitz and glamour,a huge production but was hugely let down by the lack of talent. Hopefully they can find the talent that deserve that stage.

  3. I like the hour Immunity challenge considering the settings. It didn’t seem to be as rushed as the usual Tuesday episode although i did get tired of constantly seeing civilians in row boats

  4. I don’t get all the Jack Hype either. He’s talented, but they’re giving him false hope.
    He’s popular, but that doesn’t mean he’ll win & if he does win. He’s time will be over before it’s began because Australia is really great at not showing their loyalty to musicians hence why our music industry isn’t that strong.

  5. They are over hyping him. Telling him he is the best in Australia and will have a worldwide fanbase! Geez he’s not that good IMO . Then again they told altiyan the same on x factor. Where is he now?

  6. Considering last nights contestants and next weeks contestants a few of the good ones are going to be voted out purely because there is only 5 spots from this week. Next weeks just doesn’t have as much talent imo as this episode.

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