Hamish and Andy serve up 1.45m viewers

Last night Hamish and Andy managed to do exactly what they had been paid to do -deliver the numbers.

The show pulled up an impressive 1.45m viewers, well ahead of The Renovators (909,000), Law & Order: LA (620,000), Crownies (543,000), and Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations (185,000).

The show was #1 in the 3 key demos, and together with The Block and The Footy Show helped Nine to a cushy 34.7% share for the night.

The Block won at 7pm with 1.3m over Home And Away Seven (939,000), ABC News (826,000), The 7pm Project (663,000).

Masterchef Australia was first at 7:30pm with 1.51m tuning in to see Ellie eliminated. It bettered Hot Property (1.02m), The Vicar Of Dibley (511,000), 7.30 / Catalyst (455,000 / 439,000), and French Food Safari / Oz And James’s Big Wine Adventure (278,000 / 154,000).

The Footy Show won at 9:30pm with 743,000, with 339,000 in Melbourne and only 133,000 in Sydney.

Seven now leads Nine by just 1% for the week.

Week 31


  1. Craig(Buzz)

    Hamish and Andy will finish under 1 million next week,and will continue to drop.But on the plus side for them they have no opposition.The NRL Footy Show in Sydney surely it’s time to give them the axe and have The AFL Footy Show shown all around Australia,those figures in Sydney are horrible the AFL Show wouldn’t do any worse,and Channel 9 would save some money with one less show to broadcast each week.The only reason why the NRL Show has lasted so long is because of the AFL Footy Show,boosting up the numbers.Time to sharpen the axe 9

  2. Definetly the curiosity factor saved this steaming pile of poo tickets. Prediction ; numbers next week will halve, axe will fall next day. Moving on.

  3. I thought the show had its moments. Having been to USA i think they should have no problem filling an hour a week but so far they seemed to have wasted the opportunity

  4. Disappointing that Crownies is getting those figures. Deserves more IMO. Not nearly as good as Rake but much better than most of the crap on TV currently.

  5. Since H&A was on Nine, I suspect it could have been the greatest show ever and people here wouldn’t have liked it.

    I completely forgot it was on.

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