It’s the food, stupid…

Gary, George, Matt -you can keep the Dalai Lama. We’d really rather have a good old fashioned Mystery Box.

Today Masterchef has received yet another media roasting -there have been plenty this season- as critics continue to pinpoint the problems with the current series.

Greg Hassall at the Sydney Morning Herald speaks up with some wise words on where the show needs to improve when it shifts from FremantleMedia Australia to Shine Australia.

Here are two excerpts:

Be consistent.
There have been complaints about the casting of this season – and the finalists are a pretty dull bunch – but compared with other reality shows, the initial 24 contestants were refreshingly diverse. The criticism that is harder to defend is that the judges unfairly favour certain contestants and those who remain are not the most deserving.

It’s the food, stupid.
People watch to see talented people cook – not cry about their mums and fly around the world. Invention tests and mystery box challenges are the heart of this show and should be there every Sunday.

The good news is any negativity stems from the fact that we are all engaged with this show. The audience cares about preserving the format.

Two weeks ago TV Tonight reported on plans to shake up the next season following growing dissent.

You can read more about ideas on swaggering judges, contrived stunts, product placement, immunity challenges, cliffhanger commercial breaks, and blind tastings here.


  1. Hi @Allie
    Thanks very much – that was a good answer! I guess it is hard to stop watching entirely once you’ve invested a number of weeks viewing.
    Still, if you look at David’s other thread on MC ratings today it seems that the producers should feel no compulsion to change that much next year – it’s still winning big time.
    Like ACA/TT – what do they care about criticism when so many still watch.

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