Jay Ryan to leave Go Girls

Actor Jay Ryan is set to film his final episodes of New Zealand drama Go Girls.

Actor Jay Ryan is set to film his final episodes of New Zealand drama Go Girls.

Ryan, who has played the key role of Kevin, will appear in a number of episodes in the fourth season before another actor becomes the new series narrator.

Filming on the next season begins in two weeks.

Ryan has also appeared in Offspring, Sea Patrol and Neighbours.

Go Girls has aired in Australia on TEN.

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  1. I dont understand how the show will now go on with out him you need all the girls plus him and prob more him, how can they get another guy to replace him he’s the one with all the histroy girls, the poor guy that has to fill that role but to our bro Ryan well done on wats been one of the best shows that tells it how it is haha

  2. Very upsetting!! The show is called Go Girls, but he’s honestly the main character! He narrates the damn thing! Most of everything we see is from his point of view! I wish they didn’t bring in a new male character to narrate. Can’t they just upgrade Brad’s character to narrator? That would be lovely.

  3. The first series was great but the second was a bit disappointing, following the departure of Anna Hutchison and Steven Lovett. That said, it is probably superior to most Australian-made programs (I’m not a Kiwi either).

  4. That’s a shame, because he is a particularly crucial character to the show. I haven’t seen any eps recently, but I used to catch this late night on Ten last year, I actually really enjoyed this show!

  5. I thought he must have left the show when he turned up on Offspring, but his stint there turned out to be quite short. Sad that he is leaving, and I hope Ten finally get around to showing season Three soon. Some episodes are MA, so I doubt the show would be appropriate for 6:30pm.

    Antony Starr, from Outrageous Fortune, is currently filming a guest role on Rush. Can’t wait to see that.

  6. They should seriously consider putting this on in Australia again on 10.George Negus 6:30pm figures aren’t exactly the greatest so what better option than to send him to the scrapheap where it belongs and put this on.I would sooner watch something like this than some current affair show.

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