Kyle Sandilands on GO!

He’s signed as one of Seven’s judges on Australia’s Got Talent, but Kyle Sandilands will soon be seen hosting on GO!

The unusual circumstance will come about when GO! screens GAGA LIVE later this month.

The excitement is building to fever pitch as thousands of Lady Gaga fans prepare to descend on Sydney Monster Hall for the music event of the year, GAGA LIVE, hosted by Kyle and Jackie O.


It will air 6pm Friday July 29th on GO!


  1. I was about to smash my computer when I read that headline, thank god its only the one off Gaga thing and not a new TV contract.

    Although I hear he is shopping around the idea of his radio show as a morning TV show. geez..

  2. I refuse to watch anything that this person is on….he and dicko should do a show together as they both have no talent…..we could call it The Show About Nothing……

  3. This is probably due to the concert being presented by Today Network (Austereo) / Vodaphone / Nine Network / News Limited. Hence why these media outlets have had extensive coverage. Why the concert presentation needs hosts I dont know though??? Hope its not padded with pointless banter….

  4. Ell, If you are wondering why execs keep hiring Kyle, its because he has the guts to say what he thinks. Most TV hosts are dumbed down to match their audience.
    Sure, he gets into trouble for it sometimes but i would prefer an honest host rather than some windbag just reading off an autocue like 95% of presenters do these days.

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