Law and Order franchise update

TEN has scheduled new eps of SVU, Criminal Intent, UK and the original Law and Order.

If you’re a fan of the Law and Order franchise you’re in for a treat.

Next week TEN will have new episodes of four editions, including the UK one.

Added to Seven screening Law and Order: LA that will rack up all five on Free to Air in Australia in the one week -a first.

The word ‘overkill’ springs to mind….

Monday 8th August
9:30pm Law and Order: Criminal Intent
The Last Street In Manhatten
When a Wall Street giant is found dead, Goren believes the murder was a personal act of revenge. Interviews with those close to the victim reveal the CEO had many enemies, and more than a few secrets.

Thursday 11th August
8:30pm Law & Order: S.V.U
When a baby is found abandoned, the trail of clues lead Benson and Stabler to Ken Turner, a self-confessed “ladies man” who serially impregnates women.

Friday 12th August
8:30pm Law & Order: UK
When a toddler is strangled to death, two girls accuse each other of the crime. In preparing the case for the prosecution, Castle approaches the victim’s mother.

9:30pm Law & Order
When a family of four is found murdered in their home, Detectives Lupo and Bernard discover that their deaths may be related to a troubled friend of the deceased teenage daughter.

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  1. Well its about time they showed the last episodes of Law and Order , there are 13 episodes left and thats it.The episode to air on 12th August is called Steel-Eyed Death.Please play the rest of them.

  2. Another web site calls it Law & Order: Everywhere.

    Have to day, I wonder how many of the 4 will remain on Ten after a few weeks? Low ratings previously have froced Ten to change or remove Law & Order timeslots earlier this year.

    And Seven are just crazy haveing Law & Order LA at the same time as SVU on Ten.

    Older Law & Order also airs on at least two Foxtel channels and GEM at times as well.

  3. This is good news for the Law and Order Fans and we used to watch in the early years back when my brother was studying law at University but since switched off and no crime shows or police procedurals are seen in our home.Watching Violence only leads to a person winding up that way and most likely in a juvenile detention place or prison

  4. I didn’t know the UK edition still existed!

    As for SVU… I’m glad it’s back at 8.30 which is a much better timeslot especially if Seven still plans on airing the LA version at that time.

  5. Well I’m sure there are people like me who won’t watch all four, so it’s not overkill! I probably won’t watch CI because I never have, but will continue watching SVU and L&O and give UK a go! I’m really happy L&O is back on! I was quite upset when Ten took it off Fridays!

  6. Well, like the debt ceiling debate, we’ve heard this song and dance before. I fully expect that this order will randomly change a week before it goes to air and then be pulled only to put it back up three months later. Why don’t they wait till summer and air it all at once.

  7. Awesome news!!!! There’s a reason this is one of the longest running series ever… Not to mention it’s capacity to be translated into rated series/franchise – thx for this update david!

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