MasterChef and The Block in reality tussle

MasterChef's visit to the United Nations had heated competition from The Block which hit another series high on Monday night.

TEN may not have won Monday night, but it sure had good news in the ratings results.

MasterChef Australia topped the night with nearly 1.76m viewers while Can of Worms went up, not down, from its premiere episode last week.

Inside the United Nations General Assembly hall MasterChef had heated competition from The Block which hit another series high at 1.54m. Significantly, the “room reveal” will now shift to The Block‘s traditional timeslot of 6:30pm Sunday from this weekend.

The reality battle left Seven trailing with Border Security / Crash Investigation Unit (834,000 / 744,000), followed by 7:30 / Australian Story (592,000 / 761,000) and Mythbusters (244,000). The Big Bang Theory was 1.07m.

Today Tonight (1.46) bettered the Lady Gaga edition of A Current Affair at 1.2m. 6:30 with George Negus starts the week on 484,000.

At 8:30pm The Amazing Race Australia won with 1.04m, but Can of Worms increased from 924,000 last week to 980,000 possibly reflecting its much stronger debate. Rescue Special Ops followed with 865,000 then Four Corners / Media Watch (634,000 / 608,000) and Man vs Wild (234,000).

At 9:30pm Q & A‘s episode with Julia Gillard won with 662,000 viewers, followed by CSI: Miami (612,000), Bones repeat (485,000), and Law & Order: Criminal Intent (446,000).

Neighbours was the top multichannel show with 363,000 viewers.

Seven won the night.

Week 29

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  1. In my opinion, New Yorkers are slightly better but Sydney cooks aren’t fair behind. Try one yourself in Singapore or Italy’s Roma! Down that line, the judges & the contestants of Master Chef are absolutely alright in their own respective capacities.

  2. It is not imposible that Ellie or Danny(worst cooks) can win anything since the judges are bias.The judges systematically eliminated who they do not like before the new York trip.As any other Aussie tv competitions ,when it comes to last stages judges manage to eliminate real winners and highlight the dodgy characters.If you watch carefully through the whole series you will pick this easy.It is acceptable since this is one of the tv series from commercialized media mafia think all viewers are stupid except them.So any worst cook can be winner of master-chef Australia title and since  they have no idea what is mean by ‘master’.So, you can imagine the level of these masters and hence the judges.

  3. But the UN let them in there!!

    It’s not like they snuck in the back door unannounced, they probably all needed security checks before they even got within 100m of the place – notice the medics faces were blurred out?

    Nobody dropped their dacks and did a nudey run so I would hardly call it disrespectful either. A little left of centre yes but I don’t think it warrants a ‘won’t somebody think of the children’

    And lastly, the event was something to do with indigenous Australia so it all linked together quite nicely.

  4. Julia is one strong woman. Who would want her job with all these feral men attacking her left right and centre. I also think that Dani should have been disqualified for not fulfilling the brief.

  5. I Soooo agree that Billy was doomed from woe to go with his dish and I also agree that Dani should have been penalised for Not producing what she had been asked to. Every other contestant followed their given instuctions, even Billy! But not Dani. Last nights episode was more than unfair and it should be Dani in lock down! Judges, Gary in particular should be more circumspect in hiding the fact they have a Favourite contestant.

  6. This story is very misleading.

    It runs through the night of ratings in most timeslots for the big three networks: Seven, Nine and Ten. It then ends with the statement “Seven won the night”

    In fact, Seven came third for the night, behind Nine and Ten. The shares for the night are Nine 21.9, Ten19.8 and Seven 19.3

    The correct statement would be “Nine won the night”

    I know TVTonight talks in what it calls “network shares” but if a story talks of just the big three, and then ends with “Seven won the night” that is very misleading. Not everyone knows the TVTonight format nor can you expect them to.

    So really it’s “Nine won the night” or at the very least “Seven/7TWO/7mate won the night”

  7. Dani should have had a 10 points off disadvantage for not being able to come close to replicating her dish. Not happy Jan.

    @ steven guy, I don’t know that MC chose the dishes, I think it may have been the Marriott Hotel? That is where they were doing all the prep anyway. I guess producers would have had a hand in it though, who knows.

  8. The bones promos that were displayed during the final 10min or so of the amazing race clearly labelled the upcoming episode as ‘new’ despite the fact that it was the season 5 finale.

  9. hopefuly tar aust gets renewed,but with those numberrs im starting to feel douteful.plese 7 give it one more try ,next year in a better timeslot(the classical thusday 7:30-8:30 would be nice)

  10. So with all the stuff happening on TEN and Nine, Seven still won the night.

    What are Nine doing with Rescue? Most weeks this season they have had double eps but this week back to a single show, what is going on at Nine programing?

  11. Say what you want about Julia but she sure knows how to hold her own. I thought she handled everything that was thrown at her very well. 7pm should be very interesting tonight.

    MC was brilliant last night, so glad the numbers reflect it. No surprise The Block is going to Sundays now as well. I’ve checked the advanced guide for Seven on Sunday at 6.30 and it’s TBA.

  12. Don’t get me wrong, I love MC but I really really had a problem with judging chocolate lollipos and tacos from the podium in the great hall of the UN where some of the most important speeches of our time have been given.

    I will still watch the show but this episode just made me cringe !

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