MasterChef beats Dancing finale

Despite only going head to head for 90 minutes, MasterChef's New York outing pulled a bigger audience than the Dancing with the Stars finale.

Despite only going head to head for 90 minutes, MasterChef‘s New York outing pulled a bigger audience than the Dancing with the Stars finale.

TEN’s cooking contest netted 1.61m to Seven’s three hour dance-off at 1.47m. The finale was slightly less than 1.51m in 2010.

Together with a strong performance from ONE for the night, TEN came close to taking the night in network shares, finishing with 28.2% to Seven’s winning 30.0%.

That left Nine caught in the crossfire, finishing in third place for the night with 23.0% in network shares.

Seven’s coverage of the Carbon Tax announcement was 1.35m over Nine’s 1.01m.

Aside from News, Nine’s next best were 60 Minutes (934,000) and In Their Footsteps (737,000).

For the ABC, ABC News pulled 587,000 and Midsomer Murders was 582,000. A 7.30 Special: Carbon Tax was 378,000. Earlier in the day the Carbon Price Announcement managed 200,000 on ABC1 and 59,000 on ABC News 24.

Who Do You Think You Are? was best for SBS on 353,000.

On digital channels FIA Formula One World Championship pulled 314,000 for ONE.

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  1. Unfortunately if you watched the first couple of eps you kind of knew that it was going to come down to Manu and Damien and Manu was going to win. It was very predictable. To be honest I didn’t think there was much watching on any of the channels so I turned off the TV and read a book.

  2. @Goonies, it didn’t have to be all or nothing. How about a points system where everyone competes in every competition but they accumulate pionts? What’s the point going that far and being a shut in? it’s just not humane.

  3. “It is another shift away from the spirit of the first season which was warm and embracing.”

    I agree. It is a terrible punishment, psychologically cruel. I don’t see why they couldn’t continue to take part in the challenges whilst awaiting the elimination round. What purpose does eliminating them completely serve? I doubt whether people would be whinging that Sun and Billy got the better end of the deal by being eliminated from the challenges, so free to sightsee. These people are obsessive, die-hard foodies. They would much rather do challenges than go check out Trump Tower. The lockdown idea is horrible, it makes them sound like they are in a supermax prison.

  4. Masterchef’s producers have lost the plot with the New York lockdown idea.

    The ‘ fair play of competition ‘ has degenerated to the foul play of unjustified psychological cruelty .

    Sad when a show about the glory of food , leaves such a Bad Taste !

  5. If they had said ‘Sun you can no longer compete but you can roam around NY for the next few days’, everyone would be saying ‘oh not fair Sun gets to walk around NY while the others have to do challenges’.

    I agree it would be a crushing blow to sit in your room all day (if that is the case) I also think it is at the point where people are goning to whinge and complain about MC no matter what. Damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

  6. @Goonies, we can only go on what we were told last night on screen, and Gary said the loser would go into lockdown for the remainder of the week. By anyone’s measure, that is an excessively over-the-top penalty for losing a challenge.

    The expression “lockdown” implies that Sun will be literally locked down, ie. unable to leave her hotel. If that is not the case, and she is free to move about, just not take part in filmed segments, then they should have said that and not used such emotive language to describe it. Walter says that it was said on the show that she would not get to enjoy any of the sites of NYC, so it is reasonable for viewers to assume that her movements were to be restricted.

    Glad I’m not the only one who thinks Hayden’s mo is a shocker! He looks like he should be hanging out at a 70’s era disco!

    1. Have to agree with this. If losing means you can no longer compete, and you are up for elimination, just say so. They made it sound like she wouldn’t get to experience the rest of the city. It is another shift away from the spirit of the first season which was warm and embracing.

  7. I did not bother watching most of DWS as I knew they would just carry on with recaps etc. Shame. Did not even switch over after Masterchef as it was a forgone conclusion weeks ago that Manu would win even though Hayley danced better. As they said again another 7 personalitly winning.

  8. You people don’t even know what ‘lockdown’ entails and you are acting like she is in solitary confinement or something.

    Yes it would suck to miss out on Ny but we don’t know what Sun is doing over there do we?

    @ Allie – obsession with lockdown? Are you referring to the bogus stories about Matt being in lockdown? Because he wasn’t. The only lockdown that occurs is during filming which is fair enough.

    I’ll agree with you on Hayden’s mo though, not attractive at all 🙂

  9. They said on the show last night that they won’t be able to enjoy the city so it is real lockdown (unless that’s just theatre). Ridiculous. Sun is annoying (not as much as Dani, who the producers are sure we all adore) but she’s not a bad person and didn’t deserve this.

  10. I’m quite happy with Sun being in lock down. She is so frustrating ..her demeanor is almost robotic. At least the eyes light up in other contestants when they talk about their cooking.

  11. @Walter, I agree, a very cruel and plain nasty punishment for losing the challenge. What the hell is this “lockdown” obsession MC has? I thought imprisonment was against the law. I assume Sun will be able to go sightseeing, shopping etc, just that she won’t take part in challenges. At least, I assume she will. I cannot possibly imagine the producers keeping her under virtual house arrest in the hotel, that would be too stupid and sadistic.

  12. It’s very cruel of the producers to impose a lock down penalty on the losing contestant last night. Rather than imprison the loser, couldn’t they figure out a points system or something so everyone could participate while still keeping the competition alive. It’s been a mean spirited comp with blatant favourtism to all the wrong people.

  13. It’s always a shame when two locally made TV shows have to cannibalise each others ratings by being put up against each other.

    I saw parts of MCA as I flicked between it and DWTS. I have a few random thoughts about both shows.

    1. There is no justifiable reason on this earth why the DWTS finale took 3 hours. A shameless timeslot hog by Seven that backfired on them somewhat. Two hours, tops, and even then that would have been pushing it.

    2. Daniel McPherson is so cheesy and awkward that he has me longing for the heyday of Daryl as compere.

    3. Hayden needs to lose the moustache pronto, it looks shocking.

    4. Why is Sun in the Top Eight of MCA? Seriously, how come?

    5. New York City is a fantastic choice for the overseas portion of MCA. Wonderful location, very inspired.

  14. Thank the lord Masterchef beat DWTS. By far the worst and most over-rated television show on right now.
    Meanwhile, Nine has been dumped in the surf again. What is so hard about putting on shows people want to watch?

  15. My mum watched Dancing with the stars but halfway through we switched to watch the Harry Potter story on 60 minutes. Mum switched back to channel 7 and we didn’t miss much….It was boring and I knew who was gonna win it…

    We taped Masterchef. It was so much more entertaining. New York! 😀 Brooklyn, Harlem, The Bronx etc….The Drama of the show still irked me…But oh well…Micheal was good 😛

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