Monday night Reality check

The Block and MasterChef continue a battle for first place on Monday night, but The Renovators beats The Amazing Race Australia.

Two Reality shows are in a tussle for first place at the moment.

On Sunday night it was The Block, on Monday it was MasterChef Australia.

The cooking show pulled out 1.67m viewers in an emotionally-driven episode in which “loved ones” visited the final five, Survivor-style. Nobody was eliminated from the show as it runs out its final two weeks.

It ranked ahead of The Block‘s 1.48m viewers, which easily won at 7pm, but Nine is claiming a win for the overlapping thirty minutes when they were head to head.

There was another Reality battle at 8:30pm with newcomer The Renovators lifting from its opening episode, to 978,000 and winning over The Amazing Race Australia (963,000). Four Corners / Media Watch (867,000 / 732,000), Rescue Special Ops (818,000) and Man vs. Wild (205,000) all followed.

Elsewhere last night The Big Bang Theory was 941,000, Border Security / Crash Investigation Unit (877,000 / 737,000), 7:30 / Australian Story (660,000 / 839,000) and Mythbusters (284,000).

With its late timeslot Can Of Worms had to settle for 591,000 while Q & A‘s Tassie trip was 580,000.

A Tour De France Special Cadel: Le Triomphe was 169,000 for SBS.

Neighbours was tops on multichannels with 385,000.

Nine won its second night of the week.

Week 31

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  1. When I ment tell me about it I ment it for mr do bee , plus does anyone think that there might be subliminal messages on druing the revovators I meen really people hammering can’t be that exiting.

  2. Tell be about it Sri lanka was far more interesting in a penaly filled ep of tar aust than people hammering away to make a house on a product placement filled ep of the renovators. Hopliy the ratings reflect that next week for tar aust last ep where the top 3 race thought singapore and Perth.

  3. I really don’t think all these shows should be called ‘reality’. I know that’s what they’re called by habit, but none of them – Masterchef, The Renovators, even the awesome Amazing Race – have a hint of reality in them. I will always call them game shows, or at least primetime game shows!

  4. Renovators is good, but I watched Amazing Race last night. Can of Worms was so funny last night, best ep so far, hopefully Worms will move back to 8.30 once MC is finished.

  5. Apart from Drama, Sport or Comedy what else can tv execs produce that isn’t ‘Realit’y?

    You all denounce it as the devil incarnate but what are the options? More footy, more cop shows, more lame charlie sheen sitcoms? Oh we want original aussie drama – as in what?

    We got that with Rush & Offspring and the majority of you write that off as shi* !!

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