New shows soon on Seven

Off the Map, which stars NZ/Aussie actor Martin Henderson, is one of several new shows coming to Seven soon.

Seven is getting ready to air some new shows:

– The Dick Wolf spin-off of Law and Order, Law and Order: Los Angeles.

– Martin Clunes returns in Man to Manta, a new tv special featuring his quest to find the elusive giant manta ray.

– And from Shonda Rhimes (Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice), Off the Map, which stars NZ/Aussie actor Martin Henderson as the medical series’ own “McDreamy”. Both her other dramas are winding up their current seasons, so Thursdays seem a likely choice here.

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  1. @Josh, the Australian networks do not get to purchase individual programs. They have output deals with the US studios, in Sevens case, this means Universal Studios and ABC Studios. Both these production companies had a bad 2010-2011, so Seven has to do their best with what they have been provided, including these axed shows. They will end up on the main channel, initially, because Seven does not have enough new product left to fill the available time slots. In late September more shows will be available for fast tracking.

  2. @ Craig – your most probably right in that Seven would have brought the rights before the networks had the shows axed, but as the other two FTA commercial networks they should have realised that 2010-11 was the worst year for new shows and strategically only brought the new shows that had high enough ratings to get renewed (e.g. Hawaii Five-O (CBS;TEN), Covert Affairs (USA;Seven and already brought season two), Harry’s Law (NBC;Nine), etc.) Hopefully your right in that they are shown on the sister channels as it is bad enough that there is constant repeats of shows currently on the primary channels let alone more shows that do not get renewed (e.g. The Defenders (TEN in the great Wed 9:30pm slot) and Detriot 1-8-7 (Seven at 8:30pm till it was axed when it moved to late night)).

  3. @Josh – while I agree it seams like a waste Seven would have bought L&O LA and OTM before they were cancelled, I still think they are viable for FTA but maybe better suited to the digital channels instead of the endless UK sitcoms they like to show.

    Besides no where in this story does David say they will be on the main channel so there’s a good chance they’ll all end up on MATE or TWO.

  4. Well Law &Order: Los Angeles and Off The Map have already been cancelled by their networks (NBC for former and ABC for later) so it is once again a waste of money by the networks when they should have been buying programs that are getting renewed and leaving these one-off season shows to the pay-TV networks. Man To Manta would be better suited to 7TWO with its doco-drama demo.

  5. Do they not know that everything that Martin Henderson has touched has been a flop; Echo Point, Sweat and then Big Sky. No wonder he hasn’t been seen on Australian screens since.

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