Nine excited with one year ’til Olympics

Following on from Foxtel’s enthusiasm at the 2012 Olympics, now just one year and counting, Nine is also upbeat about the big event.

It has exclusive live coverage of the opening ceremony, which takes place on July 27 2012 (UK time).

In a statement today Nine declared, “We’re immensely proud to be the Australian free-to-air broadcaster and will deliver what promises to be the best Olympic broadcast ever.

“Nine are proud to announce our Olympic broadcast partners including Coles, Commonwealth Bank, McDonald’s, Qantas, Swisse and Harvey Norman.”

Nine has so far sold more than $50m of ad revenue is expecting to at least double that figure.

The Australian Financial Review has estimated Nine’s costs at $55m for rights and $25m in production costs.

Nine has also issued a short promo today, to mark the one year countdown.


  1. I am very happy to pay for Foxtel’s Olympic coverage of just $65! If the Opening and Closing ceremonies is not in HD, I’ll boycott Channel Nine completely.

    Thumbs up for Foxtel HD 😀

  2. A typical channel 9 commentator on a swimming final

    The block returns after the Olympics with a challenge you cannot miss the contestants watch paint dry

    Tonight on 9 news a special investigation on where to find the cheapest groceries

    A new series of underbelly coming soon to nine

    Tonight on ACA where to find the cheapest meat how to save on power bills plus a special report on speed cameras

    Oh yeah Australia just won a gold medal

  3. This is going to be great… I hope that they will buy a couple of London properties and get the block contestants to reno them….footy show from London…yeah..ACA with Trace doing a few stories on dodgy London geezers…..and Eddie yeah Eddie the Jewel in the crown. I have one big hope….that they do not let too much sport get in the way of adverts and cross promotion of other shows…….bring it on

  4. Our best chance for something half-decent is if Eddie misses the plane. Wall-to-wall Eddie for 2 weeks talking about sports he knows nothing about will be torture…memo to self, “Don’t Cancel Foxtel!!”

  5. Unless changes in anti siphoning laws allow Nine to provide multi channel coverage of the 2012 Olympics, I cannot see how the coverage will be anything close to the best ever.

    Nine, like they now do for all sports, will opt for regular programming on their multi channels if they are confined by anti-siphoning to having to show everything on their main channel, and therefore only being able to simulcast on the HD channel should they chose to show anything in HD.

    The end result will be a coverage no better than Seven’s in 2008. At least in 2008, digital channels did not get in the way of networks airing sport in HD, including the Olympics which at least looked good in HD then.

  6. @ryaneco

    Beijing was in our timezone. London isn’t. The morning events would probably start at 9pm which is still reasonable enough but the finals of most things would be shown in the early hours of the morning. In terms of ratings The Olympic outrate everything regardless. I am guessing depending on the coverage it will be in the 1.8-2m from 9pm onwards each night. Mind you i thought the Commonwealth Games would rate highly and the opposite happened. Athens which is in the same sort of timezone as London rated around the 1.8m mark each night. It took me a bit to find them but i did. The Opening Ceremony was 2.3m.

    I don’t trust Nine can bring us the best coverage ever. Nine has failed on that in the past when they had the opportunity to show Melbourne Commonwealth Games. It was horrible. The Winter Olympics was better but it wasnt that great. We will see but since i have PayTV i will be watching that instead of Nine. I love the Olympic Games but it seems to me all Nine care about is stupid money and their sponsors. One thing is for sure it will give them a couple of weeks of weekly wins but thats all it will give them. lol

  7. Yeah, can’t wait to see Eddie Maguire host the morning, afternoon and evening shows. In gorgeous SD too! Oh, did i forget to mention it’s gonna be “live” and by “live” on delay.

    Bring on 2012 London!!

  8. @Ryaneco – thanks for the reminder, like I said I couldn’t remember but that said it’s different when they are on this side of the planet, most events in prime time here will be delayed or re-run . I guess its different now with the digital channels so they can have the games on say the main ch and GEM but still leave GO! for other shows.

    So Nine might win a few weeks ratings in about 12 months 😆

  9. Craig, olympics, in comparison to everything else rates extremely well.

    This one might be a little tougher because the swimming finals/aths finals will be in the wee hours of the morning, and sports will not start until 6pmish. from an australan spectator point of veiw, it kinda sucks.

  10. Secret Squïrrel

    So, will Nine showing the events in the correct order, perhaps even “fast-tracking them”, or will it be their usual standard treatment?

  11. 25 million in production cost?

    What production costs? Won’t they just ship over some commentators and have it playing over the broadcast? Surely that bill couldn’t reach 25 million!

  12. Won’t be long now until the Nine watermark will be even bolder and more obtrusive with the Olympic rings logo underneath it. I wish networks wouldn’t enhance watermarks like that for months leading up to the event.

  13. @Craig what do you mean the olympics haven’t rated well in the past?!? They rate very well Beijing was nudging over 2 million each day! The opening ceremony nudged 3 million! If if the delay is slighty worse coming from London you can still expect big figures

  14. Unfortunately, even if they show some or all on GEM, there is so little bandwidth that much of it will be a blocky mess. Especially he Opening/Closing Ceremonies.

  15. So Nine is talking ad revenue while giving no details on coverage, will it be in HD or not? Meanwhile Foxtel has 8 dedicated HD channels to satisfy any sports fan.

    Also I don’t get why they are so up beat, from memory the Olympics haven’t rated well in the past, especially when the bulk of the events with be in the middle of the night.

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