Nine wins Monday night

Good news for The Block and Masterchef, but how did premiere shows Can of Worms and Teen Wolf fare?

The Block‘s “room reveal” night delivered the numbers to Nine last night, pulling a solid 1.47m viewers for its one hour episode.

The first room renovation was won by Jenna and Josh, but the show’s blackboard scoring by host Scott Cam was painfully long. There are already early audience murmurs about not enough renovation being shown. Nevertheless, before / after reveals are always good drawcards and while the show bettered Home and Away (1.04m), it is now hurting The 7PM Project (627,000) more. ABC News was 1.00m.

Significantly, Nine is now coding their episodes of The Block separately with OzTAM which will see the show land higher in weekly results and make better editorial at the end of the year. MasterChef and My Kitchen Rules have all coded separately this year.

But it was MasterChef that topped the night with 1.59m viewers, a figure that tops The Block plus The Big Bang Theory (944,000), Border Security / Border Patrol (880,000 / 816,000), 7.30 / Australian Story (768,000 / 647,000) and Mythbusters (331,000).

At 8:30pm The Amazing Race Australia (1.03m) defeated Can Of Worms’ premiere (930,000), Rescue Special Ops (891,000), Four Corners / Media Watch (586,000 / 602,000) and Man vs Wild (274,000).

The second episode of Rescue Special Ops won at 9:30pm with 830,000 followed by Q & A (641,000), Law & Order: Criminal Intent (526,000), and Teen Wolf (492,000) -a drop that will worry Seven.

Neighbours was the top show on digital channels with 400,000 viewers.

Nine won Monday night.

Week 28

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  1. What would we do without 7pm Project Not all of us are at home between 4:30 and 6pm for the traditional News Bulletins and can make it back in time because of work schedules and then there is the percentage who don’t watch Aussie Soaps or 9’s out of date US Sitcoms.If Ten were to axe 7pm project it would be forced to go back to now defunct US or British Sitcoms too and none of us want that.In fact you know who the 7pm Project really benefits Parents of Elementary and Early High School Students.

  2. Agreed agreed agreed about the block. They are trying to skew it in a masterchef way with all of these challenges when the Big challenge is the weekly room… they should stick to what is actually going on in the house, not make them run out and distress furniture to no point… I am going to just do catch ups instead

    And I have watched all 5 eps of teen wolf so far and it is no way a 7 “mate” show… it is “yoof teevee” at its best, with action for teen boys and shirtless hunks for teen girls n gays…

    Thus I think it is fab.

  3. Everyone is right about The Block – it is painful and I am over it already with just 1 reveal. Might just watch 10 minutes each Monday night when the judges go through the rooms. Go back to your previous formula which was entertaining – this is Not!

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