Nine wins Monday night

Good news for The Block and Masterchef, but how did premiere shows Can of Worms and Teen Wolf fare?

The Block‘s “room reveal” night delivered the numbers to Nine last night, pulling a solid 1.47m viewers for its one hour episode.

The first room renovation was won by Jenna and Josh, but the show’s blackboard scoring by host Scott Cam was painfully long. There are already early audience murmurs about not enough renovation being shown. Nevertheless, before / after reveals are always good drawcards and while the show bettered Home and Away (1.04m), it is now hurting The 7PM Project (627,000) more. ABC News was 1.00m.

Significantly, Nine is now coding their episodes of The Block separately with OzTAM which will see the show land higher in weekly results and make better editorial at the end of the year. MasterChef and My Kitchen Rules have all coded separately this year.

But it was MasterChef that topped the night with 1.59m viewers, a figure that tops The Block plus The Big Bang Theory (944,000), Border Security / Border Patrol (880,000 / 816,000), 7.30 / Australian Story (768,000 / 647,000) and Mythbusters (331,000).

At 8:30pm The Amazing Race Australia (1.03m) defeated Can Of Worms’ premiere (930,000), Rescue Special Ops (891,000), Four Corners / Media Watch (586,000 / 602,000) and Man vs Wild (274,000).

The second episode of Rescue Special Ops won at 9:30pm with 830,000 followed by Q & A (641,000), Law & Order: Criminal Intent (526,000), and Teen Wolf (492,000) -a drop that will worry Seven.

Neighbours was the top show on digital channels with 400,000 viewers.

Nine won Monday night.

Week 28

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  1. Makes sense for Nine to code the eps separately.

    Re: Teen Wolf, Seven should prob be praised for giving it a go on the main channel but to my mind it was always a 7mate show. They should move it before people get used to it being on 7. It can keep the same day and time – the second lot of Family Guy eps is overkill.

  2. Why is Nine still running double eps of RSO? I mean they are getting good ratings now but it still feels like they are burning off the season.

    Also why are SBS showing re-runs of Mythbusters when they have more than 10 new eps to show?

    Teen Wolf with those number look for it on 7MATE in a few weeks… but what of Being Human US on ELEVEN, how did it rate?

  3. Very disappointed with The Block so far.

    I also taped last night’s episode so that I could fast forward through the constant “recaps”, the pointless scenes that had nothing to do with the renovations and the majority of the reveals (which included more “recaps”) and the final scoring. I think I ended up watching the entire episode in under 15 minutes.

    And to complete an otherwise disappointing episode, somehow the team who were provided with free advice, time and assistance from the host and Channel 9’s builder in order to finish their room were awarded the win? How was that fair to the other teams? Were they provided with free advice from the host (excluding the “helpful advice” of the bizarre co-host) and free time and assistance from Channel 9’s builder?

  4. Teen Wolf probably should be on 7 mate, but I would hardly call it a blokes show. Makes me think 7 mate should just be a youth channel and stop being just a blokes channel.

    No Ordinary Family and Cheaper by the Dozen are hardly male skewed shows.

  5. @Fredo: Nine has the E.J. Whitten Legends Game in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth tonight, which will take viewers away from MC, AGT and Winners & Losers, meaning Seven will win the night with a smaller margin compared with last week. Then tomorrow there is the State of Origin decider. The match itself will have to pull at least 2.4 million for Nine to take the lead for the week. With Nine expected to win Thursday and Seven claiming Friday with the AFL, it could all come down to Saturday.

  6. The block is too drawn out. We are not seeing them work on the houses . Just them doing adverts and stupid challenges that have noting to do with renovation. We are not stupid like 9 thinks we are – we will stop watching.

    Make the show for intelegent people. I stoped watching masterchef for that reason.
    this show should not be Race Around the World or survivor. This is a old format that has had it time. It should be all about renovation.

  7. More reno, less blokey mucking around with the builders and doing stupid things to fill in time would be good.

    But – when Ten had the Hot House, we saw a lot more building/digging/sawing and it was some of the most tedious TV on the planet.

    Its got to be a delicate balance.

    Interestingly – more cooking, less back stories seems to be a masterchef criticism too this year.

  8. Teen Wolf was referred to as “darker and sexier than the original”. Why are shows so damn serious? It’s like everyone needs to be sexy, and no-one wants to look silly. I’m giving it a miss.

  9. James, Seven have won every single one of the past 19 (offical) ratings weeks of the 40 week survey. There’s no way Nine can win the year, Seven are still to roll out the rest of Packed to the Rafters, that alone as well as XFactor will see them easily win the 5th year straight. Once they win week 21, they could techically sit back and do nothing and cruise to their 5th yearly win. ( not that they’d go about it that way though!). I think Seven have proved they’re no one hit wonder.

  10. I agree , there is barely an renovation, I record it so i can fastfoward the 75% of each episode which is recaps, on the previous episode and recaps on what happend before the add break, and the numerous to camera reactions . Would be good if instead of all the recaps and challenges, they could fill these bits with a bit of practical how to, whether it be on renovating , decorating and painting tips

  11. @ James..what planet are you on?

    I think that ch9 will win the week, they have the AFL EJ Whitten legends game on in Melb tonight, which is crap but rates well. But the year ha ha ha you are a bit deluded.

  12. That blackboard was painfully long! And so low tech and uneseccary as well. Just read out the numbers if it is such as big deal! Looks like they were trying to fill the hour – or here’s a crazy idea – actually show some renovating and decorating! I hope Ten is taking note for The Renovators of what not to do.

  13. I also agree that there is less renovation!!

    Last weel especially was painful with two challenges on Mon or Tues and an hiur on Thursday!

    I may just watch the reveal each week if the new weekly format shows less not more renovations!

  14. I agree with the “audience murmers” that there is not enough renovation on this series of The Block. In my opinion, watching the couples working on the rooms is the core reason for the show and not the tedious challenges. Who wants to see the contestants racing around from store to store looking for hidden object or knocking up a wall frame. It’s hardly riveting television. Let’s see more of the contestants at work on their homes. The challenges for me mean one thing – time to switch off.

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