Poh to replace New Inventors

Officially there is no decision yet on the future of The New Inventors by the ABC. Unofficially it looks very grim, fuelled by tweets from panelist Mark Pesce.

“Eight years is a fantastic run for a TV series. I was on for seven of them. I seriously never thought I’d have a TV career,” he wrote.

“How many TV shows run 8 series? Only a handful. We had a great ride.”

The show also had a shorter season this year, set to have its Grand Final on August 17.

The following week it will be replaced by Poh’s Kitchen on the Road.

Over the series Poh Ling Yeow will check out local produce from the Flinders Ranges and Eyre Peninsula in South Australia; Melbourne and the Victorian alps; King Island and central Tasmania; Sydney; Perth; the Kimberleys; and Northern Queensland. She’ll also take a trip to Singapore and Chiang Mai and Bangkok in Thailand.

Executive Producer Margot Phillipson told the Adelaide Advertiser after seeing ABC Adelaide lose local production of Talking Heads it felt good to be bucking the trend.

“(Local) production has been pulling back – this is getting bigger and bigger,” she said.

“Poh hadn’t been to many places in Australia and while her interest has been cooking, she’s never been involved in searching out the best produce.”

It begins on August 24th.


  1. this is truly awful news. and not just because she’s from Mastershit.
    but because James O’Loughlin is a bit of a spunk rat… plus the show is all kinds of daggy fun.

  2. I used to think all cooking shows were the same. I couldn’t appreciate a quality show like Poh’s Kitchen until I saw the horror that is Everyday Gourmet (Justine’s show). Cannot wait for the return of Poh!

  3. Why are the ABC getting rid of their beloved shows?

    If they must have a cooking show could they repeat Foreign Correspondent at 8pm on Wednesday on ABC2 please. As I’m not home on Tuesday; I can’t record anything they air and haven’t got good enough internet for their iView. Plus I like to watch the news on the weekend and the Saturday afternoon repeat is never on due to sport. I miss watching the show.

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