Renewed: Winners and Losers

Seven has today renewed its drama series Winners & Losers for a second season in 2012.

All principal actors including Melissa Bergland, Virginia Gay, Zoe Tuckwell-Smith and Melanie Vallejo with a supporting will return for the new season, helmed by Seven’s in-house drama team, John Holmes and creator Bevan Lee.

Currently airing on Tuesday nights, the series has averaged 1.36 million viewers thus far.

Creator Bevan Lee said, “I’m delighted we are able to continue exploring the lives of Bec, Frances, Jenny and Sophie in a second series, thanks to the audience embracing our show so enthusiastically.”

“And with the Season One finale set to turn the girls’ world upside down, I’m sure viewers will be eager to see whether the girls’ new relationships and challenges make winners of them – or losers.”

But Seven has not revealed how many episodes have been approved for its second season.

Pre-production for the second series is now underway.


  1. It’s a great show.When it went off the air Went back to watching Older 2.5 men episodes and Now Two Broke Girls which was brain dead nonsense by comparison so looking forward to this coming back.It’s good and wholesome.At least you didn’t hear any of the girls here saying is your vagina in the(Insert City Name Here Guidebook)because it should be Hottest Spot in Town always open.This show is more relate able to the late eighties kids most of which were not yet teenagers when Sex and the City arrived in Australia in 1998/99.

  2. I love this show,it is being aired now here in Israel,not the most popular show but still liked by many including me,I dont like Beck,she is not the best actress but I do like Sophie and Frences,not sure about the name but I like the gay guy a lot [sorry for missing his name],I thought it was a British show at first but realized it was an Australian show,you know how to make good TV shows,hope season 2 will also be aired here in Israel.

  3. Glad that the writers have finally scripted in sthing for jenny to do (uni) with no job no uni I always wondered what this very opinionated person did all day

  4. Winners and Losers is sooooo amazing. I can’t believe that Sophie and Doug have finally gotten together and now Bec being pregnant with what is most probably Doug’s baby. Can’t Soph and Doug just be happy for a while? Well, I am also annoyed majorly by Bec’s character and her acting but Jenny doesn’t annoy me at all, I love her character!
    Can’t wait for Season 2! W&L FTW!!!

  5. I Love the show and i can,t wait for season 2 but next year what a killer I can,t wait that long please come back I looked forward to every tuesday night because of that show and nows it,s gone and I don,t watch packed to the rafters bring back winners and losers sooner please !!!!!!!

  6. Jenny has provided some pretty entertaining moments and yes at times her character has been thrown to the wolves fir the sake of the story line etc.. But she is meant to be a girl who with somewhat stunted ‘socially skills’ who rarely ventured outside of her comfort zone.. or bedroom since high school.. Slightly annoying school girl like traits seemed to be ironed out as she started to live a little and build her self esteem.. It’s a powerful message for the shows actual demographic (school girls ) I look forward to seeing how thus character evolves 😉

  7. Although aimed at Females it does rather well for both genders.Given your alternative at the time it came out was old top Gear repeats which have been done many times over It is a no Brainer to see what most of us prefer and don’t get me started on NCIS we are not a violent household and hate crime shows with a passion

  8. Good on them for sticking with this show.It could have been worse 7 putting on Greys again this year while the Rafters are off the air.

  9. I know I’m in a club of 1 but I do not get the appeal of this show. I don’t watch Rafters either, but I get why some people might like it. Channel 7 drama is so MOR in every way.

  10. Rita The Beater

    I’m also glad it’s getting renewed it’s the best drama on the box at the moment. To all those who don’t like it, what drama would you like to see then?

  11. This show is awesome and considering what the alternatives are elsewhere It is no wonder why W&L does so well.

    More Australian Shows like this please and I missed three weeks of episodes while I was travelling for just over a fortnight around England/Scotland/Wales and Singapore recently Over there they have the inferior Sex and the City and Desperate Housewives which are not in the same league.

    Who else here likes Frances?She is gorgeous and tall

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