Secret project for The Chaser

Be warned. The Chaser boys are taking an active interest in the news as they prepare a new project for the ABC.

The Chaser team are chipping away at their next television project, but still coy about giving away any hints.

Craig Reucassel told TV Tonight, “We’re working on something at the moment.”

The format will be new and the boys are understood to be taking an ‘active interest’ in the news.

“How will it differ? We’re still arguing over that,” Reucassel said.

“If I told you three weeks ago how it would differ, I’d be lying now. We change our mind all the time, but it’s coming together.”

Whatever it is, the show is expected to air on the ABC later this year.

“It’s got a juggling baboon on it,” he said.

And this blogger feels like a right monkey….

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  1. Lord Christopher Monckton said that he’s been interviewed by The Chaser:

    “And on top of that, a TV crew who first of all said they were from ABC and then they said they were making a program for ABC, turned up in my hotel room to interview me. And it became clear after a bit that the interview was a spoof and I believe this is for some program called The Chaser…”

    Source: Radio National’s “Background Briefing” – abc.net.au/rn/backgroundbriefing/stories/2011/3268730.htm

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