1. Secret Squïrrel

    @tmorgan96 – 45%? You’re living in a fantasy world. It prob won’t even get that in the two NRL states, let alone nationally. The probability of any network pulling 45% on a regular weeknight is close enough to zero that a normal person would just call it zero.

  2. @Bruce Banner – I think it’s that Masterchef has gone downhill this season, full-stop. Not necessarily the ratings, but in terms of the contestants, the challenges and most importantly the food they’re putting on the table. There’s nothing fresh about it any more

  3. Bruce Banner

    Why is the media constantly going on about Masterchef going downhill in the ratings this year when it’s pretty much winning it’s time slot every night apart from Friday?

    I’m assuming it’s dropped a number of viewers from last year, but every show has.

    Tall poppy syndrome?

  4. I will say it now, Seven will take this week just like any other. Tuesday will be very strong as will Friday. Tonight will be the telling tale but i just can’t see Nine coming back from this. Sure its got State of Origin on Wednesday but i said it the same week as Origin last time, it takes more than a Football match to win weeks.

  5. It appears DA is down slightly each week. I’ve never watched it but it sounds ok. Nine could easily fetch a 45% share on Wednesday night and could pull through on thurs/satur with a possibility of winning tues due to the AFL match.

  6. It has been revealed on the DWTS facebook page that Hayley Bracken has had far more dance experience than she admitted. When asked by the judges, she said she did some ballet at age 12. However, a link to her Stage Agent resume reveals she has had training in most forms of dance, and has appeared in several stage musicals, dancing ! She is also a qualified Zumba instructor, which in itself is a form of dance.

  7. i think a 10% win on sunday and tuesday should be enough to counterbalance the state of origin. monday will have little impact either way. 9 will win Thurs, 7 will win Fri. it will come down to Saturday. and i’m tipping 7 for a narrow weekly win.

    its a shame Brynne isn’t on DWTS anymore. i guess if she stayed any longer than she did she would have been way out of her depth with 3 dances, but she was the most interesting of the cast members, i haven’t been as interested in the show since she left. i’d love to see more of her.

  8. daveinprogress

    @deedeedragons – i don’t vote, but i can see how people have taken to Hayley – she comes across really well, likeable, humble, she can dance, she is enthusiastic – she scores high points and she has a very appealing, also likeable dance partner.
    With eleven series on, the dancers are almost more famous than some of the other ‘stars’. Look at Luda, Arsen, Carmelo, Alana. The combo is a big part of it.
    It is still reality tv, and every series there seems to be an unknown who finds their way to the final stages of the comp. She is a worthy competitor for the Irish crooner and the French foodie.

  9. I forgot that Grand Design was on last night!!
    BTW, I don’t know if my EPG is correct but it says that next week is the season final for ‘In Their Footsteps’??

  10. Irony, did anyone else notice that Simon Baker of the Mentalist featured heavily in the ads for a major bank which was the program sponsor for Downton Abbey while DA competed with the Mentalist.!!! go figure

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