Southern Cross Tas makes the most of local News

With the recent axing of WIN News weekend bulletins produced in Tasmania, it seems Southern Cross News has decided to highlight its point of difference, with this cheeky promo.



  1. Please! This coming from a network that doesn’t provide a proper news bulletin for its viewers on any day of the week outside the Tas & GTS/BKN broadcast areas. The entire WIN Network invest far more in local news right now for each of its many regions than Southern Cross Media has in all its existence.

  2. The difference is, in other states you still get a weekend state based news. If there’s a big enough story in Wangaratta it will run on the Melbourne news – mind you it has to be big. A similar story in Burine won’t run on Melbourne news.
    The ACT has similar issues with no local commercial station news on weekends in Canberra. Sydney news quite understandably just doesn’t cover ACT issues. And only WIN during the week, neither Prime nor Southern Cross do an ACT bulletin, just southern NSW regional updates during the night – with no update as they seem to all be filmed during regular office hours.

  3. SteveO- Geography lesson. Tasmania is a state. Hobart is a capital city. Population is irrelevant, however, for many years from day #1 on air, WIN Wollongong produced a local weekend bulletin for Wollongong. Can’t do it now for Tasmania. Pathetic.

  4. All this talk about Tassie only having one local bulletin on weekends, when in WA neither GWN nor WIN produce a local bulletin on the weekend for a population of 600,000 — both simply taking the Perth bulletins. At least Tassie gets a bulletin, and good on SC Tas for calling WIN out on it.

  5. would love to see the ratings before and after the change in the weekend news. 🙂

    From personal experience, i was on WIN at 6pm and you could tell it wasnt Tasmanian, so quickly changed the channel to SC. They must be loving it.

  6. @Zelda – But no “local” news (read from Wollongong) on weekends, public holidays, or when “local” staff go on leave over Christmas. Then you get a “WIN Network ‘local’ News” Monday to Friday, except on public holidays, etc. WIN has no “local” regional news at weekends anywhere. Long gone are the days of WIN’s local Sunday night news in Wollongong.
    WIN is all about the Bermuda Trust balance these days.

  7. Living in Tasmania, I think it was a ridiculous decision by Win. Why would anyone tune into Win on the weekend to see the Victorian news? We have always been a Win news family, but this was a no brainer, obviously we now watch the Southern Cross weekend news, to get local content.

  8. And your point is Simon T? Does the world stop churning on weekends in Tasmania? Well, according to the WIN Management it does. Seems everything that WIN touches turns to “insert rude word here”. Look at 9 in Perth and Adelaide for example, Perth barely raises a pulse, and Adelaide is on life support. I read that WIN has axed all local productions based in Adelaide and Perth as well. What is next, weekend news in these markerts, just like Tassie? Stupid decisions from Wollongong by people that clearly have no idea. Looks like we have our own version of NOTW!!

  9. What I find amazing that WIN up here in Orange/Bathurst/Lithgow has its own news, Then the national news. Still dont get why that doesnt happen any more in Tassie.

  10. Win’s recent axings are not very good with weekend Win News axed in Tassie and SA Postcards axed. The local news should stay as it now gives SC Media a boost in the ratings and not just weekends, every day. SA Postcards will likely see Nine News in Adelaide drop sadly.

    Viewers in the Spencer Gulf SA get Sydney Nine News and remote Australia except WA get Sydney or Brisbane news. Darwin get Melbourne news I think from 7 and 10. We need more local news.

  11. Tasmanian de√il

    They have released a newspaper ad for this as well. It reads something along the lines of ‘Imagine you only received three quarters of your local news’, accompanied with an image of a newspaper page with 1/4 of the width cut off.

  12. romper stomper

    SC Tas went down a similar path in the press when they attacked WIN over delayed Friday Night football and ads after goals in 2006.

    I’m not sure that it does them any favours in a small market.

  13. why would you watch win news in Tasmania when is the news would be about somewhere you don even live and nothing about where you do live, not even the weather.

  14. Quite cheeky its a pity they slip up with spelling quite a bit at Southern Cross news. Last weekend Launceston was to have a “Fosty” Morning. Good on them for promoting a news service that win cannot provide though for the weekend. All they need to do is update that ancient set to match new graphics upgrades and they might also look like news for the current century. The quality of their news otherwise is reasonably good.

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