Sunday slapdown

Sunday is shaping up as a big night of TV.

Seven has the return of Sunday Night followed by the Free to Air premiere of the stunning Great Migrations and a highly entertaining 90 minute season finale of Downton Abbey (at 8:40pm).

Nine moves The Block into its traditional timeslot of 6:30pm with its room reveal episode -the most enticing episode across its now 6 nights a week series. Following 60 Minutes it has the season finale for The Mentalist.

In MasterChef we get the arrival of the Dalai Lama, but TEN runs a repeat of Die Hard 4.0 afterwards (clearly treading water before finales and changes afoot).

ABC1 has Grand Designs and a new Midsomer Murders*, pretty perfect for its audience.

SBS wraps up Who Do You Think You Are? with Rupert Everett.

As if that’s not enough Pay TV launches the lavish HBO drama Game of Thrones.

PVRs into overdrive, people!

UPDATE*: Did ABC just do a rethink? They’ve just switched Midsomer Murders from a new episode to a repeat. Now the new ep plays Sunday 24th.


  1. It’s going to be close between 7 & 9 with TEN in a distant 3rd.

    @Qubec – thanks for the heads up on The Mentalist season final, I haven’t watched it in a few weeks but might catch it.

    Game of Thrones – at least you have the option of watching it in HD. I still think 7 should encore Great Migrations during the following week on 7MATE in HD, unless they didn’t buy the HD rights? It’s a great series, which many saw more than 6 months ago on National Geographic or DVD.

  2. why is ten resorting to a die hard 4 rerun when they haven’t aired slumdog millionaire yet which they have rights to and should have been available to them months ago.

  3. @ steve – Because since they lost the Sony deal to Nine their movie collection is very low. If you notice now, Nine has so many movies because of their deals compared to Ten.

  4. Not that exciting but i will be probably watching the AFL football match North Melbourne V Western Bulldogs followed by After The Bounce on FoxSports 1

  5. There’s no choice. The Mentalist finale is perhaps one of the most amazing, jaw-dropping finales I have ever seen. It is a Huge game changer. It’s just a pity that Nine butchered it by dividing it over two weeks and taking a break between those two weeks. Absolute joke! No doubt they’ll ruin the ending in their ads as well…

  6. I’ve already seen the Great Migration, i didn’t like it, didn’t bother seeing the rest of the series… looks like it’s a tussle between The Block and Great Designs for me, other than those two, looks like it’s going to be DVD night for me…

  7. deedeedragons

    Despite having Timothy Olyphant as the villain, Die Hard 4 sucks. Looks like all ‘M’s’ (Merlin, Migrations, & Midsomer Murders) for me.

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