Swimming Australia sinks over FINA timeslot

Swimming Australia is disappointed that FINA World Championships will air late nights on ONE this week.

They begin today in Shanghai but won’t begin on air until just after midnight.

During the week they will air up to four hours delayed, around 10:30pm or later,¬†as part of ONE’s new approach to primetime on weekdays.

Swimming Australia boss Kevin Neil said the team was upset with the broadcast deal between world governing body FINA and TEN.

“It is separate to the broadcast agreement Swimming Australia has with TEN,” he told the Sunday Telegraph.

“And we are bitterly disappointed that FINA has not insisted to TEN that it should be screened live. We are frustrated but once again we are not the receiver of the revenue and not party to the contract.

“Obviously arrangements between sports and broadcasters are a matter for them to negotiate, but I would hope that consideration is given to showing world championships and trials for Olympic sports in prime time.”

TEN isn’t sending a reporter to Shanghai, but will host and commentate the event from Melbourne.


  1. What I don’t quite understand (as well as all the comments above) … is how when even showing it delayed ONE don’t manage to fit into the timeslot – so if you’ve taped it (using T-box or equivalent) you continually get to end of two hours viewing and miss relay results etc. Also I would like to add doing the commentary out of Melbourne is just cheap. There’s been hardly any athlete interviews, and one link up I saw was through Skype … Very unprofessional I thought.

    I am totally unimpressed with this coverage.

  2. We have been waiting for hours for the baseball to finish. So frustrating. These are the World Championships and our swimmers deserve to be seen! I contacted Channel 10 in Brisbane (can’t get through on the Sydney number) and the guy who answered the phone said he had received lots of complaints but couldn’t do anything. Why not???? Give the rights back to Channel 9, they screened the swimming in prime time. Shame on Channel 10.

  3. ONE is not about Swimming, it’s about American Baseball.
    I don’t think it was right that Swimming wasn’t Live, but at least they were going to show it in a delayed screening at night, and then the following day as a full replay.
    If night couldn’t be watched or taped, at least the following day same could be done instead.
    That lasted about 2 days. Wednesday’s full replay is Bumped for American Baseball, ONE – the American station.

  4. This is just crazy!! I watched Eamon Sullivan on masterchef last week, so I can watch him cook but not swim. Ten should be ashamed. I rang up to complain and they didn’t even take my name. They don’t even have a email address to send complaints too. Swimming Australia should be doing alot more about this.

  5. Its ridiculous! I would have thought Swimming is more popular in Australia than any other country in the world…and yet its not shown live! In the Uk it is a seriously minority sport which only gets any media attention during the olympics…yet the BBC still show extensive live coverage. Australian sports broadcasters really need to get their act together and show all sport Live!

  6. I often flick through channels and have a look to see what is showing on ONE HD. Most of the time their programming is so full of indescript overseas events that I just skip anyway. So you get an opportunity here to show some great Australian sport and you blow it. The sports channel what a joke, you may as well show re runs of Masterchef.

    I for one will not be watching ONE HD for swimming or anything else now for that matter, if your going to butcher popular events give the rights to someone who won’t.

  7. No sympathy from regional South Australia. Was more than happy when FOX had swimming rights a couple of years ago, would get events live but ONE isn’t available to us yet/still. Care factor here now is zero sadly as I support Australia and Australians in everything. Can’t watch it in this area at all so don’t care what happens. Serves yourself right Swimming Australia.

  8. Armchair Analyst

    this is no surprise. yes ONE has become a joke. i dont even believe that the channel is a male oriented. that tag goes to 7mate. the whole network has lost its identity.

  9. One has become a joke beyond belief. I realise F1 is on tonight but TEN should seriously be showing this. I actually think Nine did a much better job at this and thats saying something considering how i feel about Nine. This is just pathetic and disgraceful. I am over TEN. They have all of a sudden changed everything they stood for. Just disgraceful.

  10. I only watch the FINA Championship for the Womens Water Polo, Diving and Synchronized Swimming. I was disappointed when ONE got the rights to the FINA Championships in 2009 and this year as they only showed highlights. European version of Eurosports at least showed diving live but our Foxtel’s Eurosport does not show any footage from the FINA Championship.

    I wished foxtel, had the rights to screen the FINA Championship like they did in 2007, Foxtel at least show it live.

  11. Swimming Australia only have themselves to blame. Remember when any Swimming used to rate massive at 7pm weeknights on Nine?

    Then they sold it off to a digital channel and pretty much killed it as a primtime sport outside Olympics

  12. I am quite disappointed with Ten/One’s coverage of FINA World Championships. Even though the coverage has been expanded to including highlights of diving and water polo events in the first week, the second week will not be shown live, partly because when the championships were last held in Melbourne in 2007, Nine’s telecast were soundly beaten by Seven’s regular line-up. I can understand if the swimming is on delay because it clashes with F1 tonight (Sunday), but on other nights it should be shown live (the swimming finals start at around 8pm AEST).

  13. Yes it would be much better if it was live – but really I’m just glad that they’re actually showing it!!! … With the changes at One I was worried that swimming would be dropped all together!

  14. This is pathetic from Ten/One. I know they’ve rebranded the channel but for once a high quality sporting event that could have been shown in primetime and they ditch it to late night. Disgraceful.

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