Teen Wolf Too

I can’t claim to have seen this film (and fingers crossed I never have to), but tonight GO! is screening the 1987 film Teen Wolf Too.

Don’t expect it to be anything like the current Teen Wolf series airing on Seven.

It’s the sequel to the original Teen Wolf film with Michael J. Fox but it’s been branded one of the worst sequels ever made….

This time the lead role is played by a young Jason Bateman, best known for Arrested Development, so it might be worth a squiz by fans of the comedy series.

It airs from 9:30pm.

Tuesday sure is the night for man-canine TV. Wilfred is on ELEVEN at the same time.



  1. Of greater interest to me was the “Valerie” episode in which David (Bateman) attempts to lose his virginity. This was the episode several US affiliates refused to screen because of the subject matter and the first prime time use of the word “condom”. It aired on 7TWO last week complete with ’80s viewer advisory at the beginning. Can’t remember seeing this when the series originally aired on Seven in the ’80s.

  2. Secret Squïrrel

    “I recommend not going to work today, rent the DVDs and watch it!”

    Or watch it on ABC2 on Thu at 8:30pm, replayed Tue 10:45pm.

  3. @zoolander – where have you been, ‘Arrested Development’ was one of the best comedies around. I recommend not going to work today, rent the DVDs and watch it!

  4. I didn’t even know Jason Bateman was in Arrested Development, to me he is best known for his role in the forgotton 80’s favourite “Valerie”, later retitled “The Hogan Family” which is currently being replayed on 7TWO.

  5. The promo that they aired for this was pretty classic – running through the storyline formula for just about every movie made in the ’80s. It was almost like they didn’t want people to watch this, the way they were undermining it. 😉

  6. I saw the original and I think I saw this (many years ago) and I agree just from the promos this is not the best sequel around, and this is not the first time GO! have dropped or not bothered showing something with MJ Fox. Where are the first 4 seasons of Spin City Nine? It’s like Charlie is the replacement on that show as well.

  7. @DF i must admit they often play movies out of sync or one and not the sequel, which pisses me off to no end. But they did play Teen Wolf (pretty sure it was with in the last 2 weeks), i saw the very end of it.

  8. GO! is playing a movie, how odd? Why don’t they start showing new stuff rather their top three shows and movies that get repeated every few months? GO! has become too dependent on movies propping up their share. I much prefer ELEVEN who are more consistent and have more shows on offer.

  9. Is it just me or did I miss “Teen Wolf” being shown. As stand alone the movies are, would have been nice to see the Michael J Fox variety.

    However GO and Eleven seem to have a knack of playing movie series out of order. I seem to recall Naked Gun played on Sunday however 33 1/3rd showed the week before. And them never seem to play the sequel to Flying High.

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