Two weeks of MasterChef remaining

Technically it’s not yet official, but the Grand Final of MasterChef is lined up for Sunday August 7th.

That means this week there is only one elimination (Thursday).

Here’s what’s planned for next week:

Sunday July 31
6:30pm Merlin finale
7:30pm MasterChef
Writing their own cook book would be a dream come true for each of our final four – but how hard can it be? Tonight guest judge Curtis Stone sets an epic challenge for our contestants.
9:00pm Movie: The Devil Wears Prada rpt

Monday Aug 1
7:30pm MasterChef Australia
Tonight’s Pressure Test requires the final four to recreate Maggie Beer’s chicken terrine. One lucky contestant will get a sneak preview at the recipe and a private MasterClass with Maggie herself.
8:30pm The Renovators
Tonight the teams’ building plans with be judged by Baz, Peter and Robyn. The winners will walk away with a massive $10,000 Bunnings voucher!

Tue Aug 2
7:30pm MasterChef Australia
Looking back at their own personal experiences, the contestants are challenged to create a food autobiography of their lives so far
8:30pm The Renovators
Guest judge Greg Natale reveals to the contestants a Modern American white room which he has designed – their task is to create a coffee table to match his room.
9:30pm NCIS: Los Angeles rpt

Wed Aug 3
7:30pm MasterChef Australia
Tonight the contestants have the privilege of cooking at one of Sydney’s three finest restaurants – Marque, Est and Quay. The lucky winner from today’s challenge will go straight into the grand finale.
9:00pm The Renovators
The losing team from last night’s coffee table challenge are back in the Warehouse, researching the property market in Caboolture, Queensland. For one contestant, this will be their last challenge.
10pm The Defenders

Thu Aug 4
7:30pm MasterChef Australia
The bottom two contestants from yesterday’s challenge battle it out for the last spot in the finale. What elaborate, mind-boggling creation will Adriano Zumbo present for them to replicate
8:30pm The Renovators
Tonight the contestants get a DIY lesson from Baz on how to renovate a bathroom by tackling a room designed by Peter.
10:00pm Law and Order: SVU

Fri Aug 5
7:30pm MasterChef Australia
All the contestants from series 3 return to the kitchen for the final MasterClass. Filled with fun and laughter, the contestants turn the tables on the judges, presenting them with a Mystery Box.
9:00pm The Renovators
10:00pm Can of Worms rpt


  1. People complain about masterchef all the time, but how many of the complainers know how to cook….so why do they watch the program..answer is its exciting and us Aussies love to eat! and you alsowant to know what is going to happen next….just like reading a book!! I wonder if they are ever going to have people over 50s cooking??? Now there is am idea

  2. The MasterChef competition has turned into the biggest joke of the year. None of the contestants can profess to being a good cook let alone a chef! And as far as Elly & Dani are concewrned; well what can I say?? I pair of giggling numbskulls.

  3. Merlin the best show on TV, and great that this season ends with Arthur becoming King and Excalibur arrives, so excited to see how Merlin becomes the great wizard with Arthur not against magic

  4. @tfl, thanks for that, I didn’t twig re the three restaurants = three contestants when I first read it through, as the summaries only ever mention ‘four contestants’ or ‘contestants’. The summaries are poorly written and ambiguous. Nowhere does it mention on Monday night that there will be a contestant eliminated.

  5. And it took them the finale to get any decent cooks on the show. Bar New York week the other weeks have been pretty light on with good celebrities that are cooks or chefs.

    Funny how Devil Wears Prada turns up in the same week every year.

  6. Allie I think you should read a little more carefully.

    It doesnt ever say the final 4 on wednesday it says: Tonight the contestants have the privilege of cooking at one of Sydney’s three finest restaurants – Marque, Est and Quay. The lucky winner from today’s challenge will go straight into the grand finale.

    They are cooking at three restraunts not four so that suggests to me that someone would have been eliminated on the monday night from the Maggie Beer challenge.

  7. Ten’s summaries of MC don’t make sense. There are four contestants remaining at the start of the final week. On the third night, the four cook off and the winner that night goes straight into the finale. That leaves three contestants, yet the summary says the bottom two will fight it out to see which one goes straight into the final. What happened to the other contestant, the one who came second to the winner of the challenge??? Am I reading it wrong, or is the summary nonsensical?

  8. I was hoping we were getting into the final week… it seem to be taking forever to get the the end this season (and I won’t be watching as much until the final episode) probably because I don’t find any of those left particularly interesting.

  9. 9pm is way too late to have a reality show on tv. people will have switched off by then. it should have aired on sunday 7th july after masterchef finale.

    ch 10, think again.

  10. I don’t get it. As one contestant will be eliminated by the end of this week (July 29), there should be four people remaining going into the final week. And that means two eliminations: one on either Monday or Tuesday, and the other on Thursday.

  11. Not a lot of content on Ten these days if you are not fond of reality television. Some more Australian drama would be nice – or at least a reality show that did not follow the exact same formula all the time.

    Two to three hours of this stuff every evening is mind numbing in the extreme.

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