Video Hits future in doubt

Long-running music show Video Hits became the latest title to be added to TEN’s potential casualty list yesterday.

Several media outlets have already reported the show is gone.

Yesterday a TEN spokesperson told TV Tonight that no shows had yet been axed.

But redundancies that have been offered to staff may ultimately prove to be a red letter day for shows including Sports Tonight, TEN Late News and TEN Evening News on Sunday.

6:30 with George Negus is expected to stay until the end of the year, but there are reports Negus could be replaced by Hamish MacDonald or Hugh Riminton if the show itself is kept. A rise in ratings would secure the show.

Sandra Sully is expected to remain with the network.

TEN is currently looking for expressions of interest in voluntary redundancies – applications are due by July 13, with the company looking to complete the process within three weeks.


  1. The Network has gone to the dogs.I haven’t seen them show Good News Week on 10 in a long time or Undercover Boss or even the Cleveland Show

  2. I record it every week, and every week i fast forward through it, lucky to stop once to watch a track or interview … it is so full of crap interviews and crap songs … stick to the mega hits and drop the presenters and interviews. When they have “retro” shows they always play the same clips every time … no imagination! And there is no way I will be getting Foxtel if they scrap the show!!!!

    @Leo: Yes, keeping the 7pm project is the biggest hypocrisy in TV … it has never rated and there is no justification for it every lasting beyond a week … so don’t you networks dare use ratings as the excuse to scrap any other show!!!

  3. TEN should make Video Hits a straight Top 40/50 music video show – no crap interview/fillers. Play 2 music videos then adbreak (yes, I realise they need to make money). And please, be like Rage and play the *entire* video don’t cut 15-30 seconds from each end of it!

    Should be easy to do in 4 hours (7am-11am) and a lot cheaper than their current format.

  4. Yet again Lachlan Murdoch looking after his mates at Foxtel. TEN axes video hits & would hope people subscribe to foxtel & watch music video channels MTV, Channel V, Max.

  5. Network Ten can thank Southern Cross Ten & various Ten (digital only) regional stations for making this decision easier because they haven’t carried Video Hits for a few years now. Video Hits’ sponsors haven’t been getting bang-for-their-buck as their brands could only be seen in major metro markets, not the entire country. WIN Corp knew this back in 2007 when they junked a whole swag of Nine programs to get a better affiliation contract outta them.

  6. Armchair Analyst

    “Predictions, past hits, interactive top ten and your choice on Video Hits” That my folks was part of the intro in the 90s when the show had a voice over in the intros. Back then the only time we saw the music acts was a 30 second promo video saying who they were and saying what we were watching, ah those were the times. I think this was inevitable when the format changed. When ever you try and copy a pay tv style music show by adding hosts and production crew for interviews then the costs will increase. The old format was more cost effective, only the behind the scenes crew such as the producer the executive producer and the graphics plus editors were needed. If Video Hits has a future then it needs to revert back to its old format and be on 11. If the show is axed which it might be it will be a sad day for the Network and they will be going against the youth demographic. I do want to see the show on 11 but because 11 is a joint venture between Network Ten and CBS i don’t know how possible that is. I would definitely love to see a chart show on Video Hits if it survives this. It is inevitable that there will be some changes, again its best hope is to revert back to its early 2000s format. Video Hits is the only music video show which has a appropriate name which makes it easy know what type of show it is. The others don’t make any sense i.e Eclipse and Rage what do they mean? nothing. So Ten please keep the show it will hopefully celebrate 25 yrs on air which is only something other shows can dream of. If they do axe it i want Ten to allow video hits to have a proper goodbye party lasting 3 hrs on prime time on a Saturday night, would be fitting.

  7. Good news. Well done Channel 10 management. Can we regional viewers now watch The Bolt Report at 10am on Sunday instead of gyrating pop stars? The children can all go and watch Countdown on the ABC with Molly Meldrum or go play with their ipods somewhere else.

  8. They mucked around with the programming times a few weeks back – maybe that was a sign that they weren’t happy with their morning programming. As for Rage and the Top 50, the Rage forums were in an uproar when it was axed several years back, but it wasn’t Rage’s decision – the ABC itself ordered Rage to remove it from their programming. The forum moderators advised anyone who was unhappy about the decision to contact the ABC directly to express their opinion. I’ve just checked and there are several random “Bring Back The Rage Top 50” groups on Facebook, with a combined membership of around 1000 people. Maybe if they all joined together to form one group and then actively campaigned for members, they might have something to present to the ABC.

  9. I’d suggest axing it to cut costs and get ARIA to find a new hostless show, that’d be moved to Eleven on Saturday and Sunday mornings and a night time hostless video show once a month or every couple months, to have more adult new release music videos.

  10. How can Ten remove Video Hits? Weekends won’t be the same without it. I thought Fuzzy and Dylan worked well together. There’s still rage on Saturday mornings, but what about Sundays? Just move Video Hits to ELEVEN. So what do Ten plan to replace it with? More news or informicals I expect.

  11. I’ll wait for the official word on Video Hits before I start presuming it is a ‘gone’ show from TEN.

    I hope this show stays with TEN, anything on TV today could do with the tweaking of itself, even if this show isn’t on the way out, the refreshing of any tv product is a good thing.

  12. I wonder if TEN have to pay the music licensing for each song/music video. It may still cost a bit. Still I think maybe putting it on ELEVEN and shaking up the block programming maybe a good move. Though not sure what you can put on TEN instead of Video Hits. No more news programs please.

  13. I agree with JB

    10 years ago Video hits was something i always switched to after i was done with Rage’s Top 50. I gave up on it when it seemed someone at TEN pushed the ‘shuffle’ button on the videos and just any old random thing would come on. The long, drawn out interviews of no name bands didn’t help either

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