Wild Boys for Sundays

Seven's new bushranger series is "coming to Sundays" according to promos.

Seven is already teasing its next local drama, Wild Boys, “coming to Sundays.”

The period drama series is an action / romance set in Australia’s bushranger past and stars Daniel MacPherson, Zoe Ventoura, David Field, Michael Dorman and Alex England and Anna Hutchison.

TV Tonight hears that Jeremy Sims (Wildside, Stingers, The Secret Life of Us, McLeod’s Daughters, Chances and Home and Away) is a bit of a scene-stealer in the adventurous new drama.

The series promises to be a change of pace from other dramas on the box and together with Packed to the Rafters should help ensure Seven has a strong second half to 2011.

A media launch for the series is expected to take place in coming weeks ahead of the show’s premiere.

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  1. Hah – I must be the only Dan Mac fan here (did it have something to do with those Dan Mac images I found of him on the net, clad in nothing but spotlights for the camera?
    Heck if any of you watch Home and Away, you’d see a cast of shoddy Aussie “actors”… at least Dan was pretty cool in City Homicide – bl**dy disappointing it got axed but then most quality series should only aim for 2-3 series – and not aim for more.
    Winners and Losers – hmmm – scales are out – all losers, esp if they have to get Denise Scott to act as a mother. Sheesh, as an actress she makes for good radio.

    If Dan Mac rocked up on my door step I’d have a hard time saying “Sorry, you’re not welcome!” 😉

    And typically of UB – they clearly have No quality actors left – I was waiting for a rehash of all the cast from Sea Patrol (said tongue-in-cheek since 2 of the notables were heading each other off as 2-lead characters.) Oh, and how much tits and ass did we endure this time? Nothing like a total camera angle on a woman’s bent-over ass… How is it that Ch9 is not classified as the Soft Porn Station of Australia? I hate watching Ch9 – the only reason I watched any of the 2nd series of UB was because I had a real interest in the historic storyline – the actual story unfolded during my era.
    The rest of it is just commercial capitalisation – or crap. I only endured the other crap on Ch9 during The Block because I actually enjoyed The Block. Not a fan of Shelly Craft and hardly a big fan of Scott Cam, But hands down better than The Renovators and Top Design. Ok I’m clearly going to be watching Wild Boys – keen to see how the story is handled from a scripting and entertainment point of view. And of course I am keen to see how much Dan Mac flesh I can oggle 😉

  2. Great programming and Seven have probably beat Nine to the slot. That is laugh out loud funny as Nine have taken so long to programme Underbelly, probably because they couldn’t make a decision to save themselves – now is has been made for them – will they go head to head on Sunday? Probably not.

  3. Sounds like it could be good, this with the new UB it finally looks like the local FTA networks are branching out from their usual staple of cop shows set in current times. Yes I know UB has been set in the past but this goes further.

  4. Interesting about Sunday.usually timeslots are only advertised 2 weeks in advance maximum. I’d say in 5 weeks when Castle is over Bones will move to 9:30 to make way for Wild Boys at 8:30.

  5. Look forward to Wild Boys and well done to Seven for taking a risk at last. Seven is far far ahead of its commercial rivals in its drama slate, usually at least 400-500k ahead in viewers week in week out and Home and Away still cracks a million plus viewers after two decades. Take Underbelly out of the Nine mix and its drama is dire. Ten still can’t crack a million viewers each week with Offspring and while it argues its demographics are good Ten hasn’t achieved a million viewers for a drama series in years. Meanwhile ABC drama seems to really have no idea with series television and its audience, if Crownies is any example. Clearly Seven has the right people who know a good idea, how to develop it and know its audience. Let’s hope Seven is rewarded for taking a risk with Wild Boys.

  6. I assume Ch. 7 has so many drama credits they could prbably onsell them to 10 so it is not penalised….don’t know if that is possible though.

    Looking forward to Wild Boys. Loved Tandarra and Cash & Co back in the ’70s

  7. @ Tony H. Now come on Tony, that’s not very nice. If you only start watching the series then you will have missed the previous episodes! You will only be hurting yourself. Don’t Do It Tony!

  8. This is a great cast. Although Jeremy Sims scares me and im not sure why. Maybe its some of the characters he has played in the past.

    But I thought ch7 would put this off until next year so its great it will screen this year.

  9. This Wild Boys will be Massive!! It is different….can’t remember last ime we had a western series….back in the 70’s maybe??? Congratulations Channel 7 for daring to be different!! It looks superb and expect record high ratings!!! Bring it on!!!!

  10. Good move by ch7 as they were begining to look rather weak on Sunday night compared to the previous juggernaut. Dramas have been working well on Sunday…Merlin is consistent, DA did well and Midsommer still pulls them in…

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